BridgeVirtual® is a web-based language learning solutions designed to meet the needs of individuals, corporations and higher education. The future of language training is virtual delivery, and Bridge provides a mix of the most innovative solutions.

BridgeVirtual® language classes feature live instruction with native teachers. Depending upon the platform these classes can be one-to-one or small group.

All e-learning programs offered via BridgeVirtual include highly-interactive online exercises and course work, which complement virtual live classes or classroom-blended learning.

Solutions include:

BridgeVirtual Professional

One-to-one or small group instruction with a curriculum designed for professional and business learners. All programs include an LMS (Learning Management System) designed to track student progress and specific work-oriented goals. Attendance and proficiency is carefully tracked via the globally-adopted CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) to measure student progress. Both online and blended programs are available. Languages offered include: English, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish.

BridgeVirtual Education

Classes are in group format with a curriculum designed for the needs of higher education. The curriculum is academic in orientation, and in the case of English programs, also includes test preparation for internationally-recognized tests such as the IELTS, iTEP and TOEFL.

BridgeVirtual Custom

Customized private and group programs designed with a general language curriculum. The focus is on conversation and all levels of instruction are available. Schedules, and curriculum, and program intensity can be customized as can the intensity of the program. BridgeVirtual Custom is a great way to learn a new language or keep current in any language. Instruction is available in all languages.