Student Recruitment

Are you looking to grow your international student recruitment?

Bridge offers 30 years of experience, a proven track record, and a collaborative recruitment model to meet your institution’s specific needs.

Our services include:

  • - Intensive English/Pathway Programs
  • We can host an Intensive English Program on your campus, or collaborate to design a Pathway Program.
  • - Agency Network Management
  • We engage a growing network of hundreds of active and trusted agents.
  • - International Student Recruitment
  • Our recruitment team travels to every corner of the globe.
  • - Digital Marketing Outreach
  • We use the latest marketing automation technologies to engage students and agents at every stage of the enrollment funnel.
  • - International Admissions Support
  • Inquiry management, student advising, and application guidance resulting in completed applications.

U.S. Higher Education Roadshows

Designed specifically for U.S. universities, these events facilitate partnership development in the academic, government, and corporate sectors.

Our unique roadshows include:

  • University Partnership Meetings
  • Government Scholarship Programs
  • Corporate Business Development
  • Select Education Consultants

“The Bridge Roadshow was perfect for us as we are in the process of developing a comprehensive strategy for inbound and outbound programs for ETBU international education in Chile.”
Alan Huesing, International Director – East Texas Baptist University

“The entire staff did a fabulous job. Your agenda was ambitious and I think you have developed a terrific mix of opportunities that will attract universities.”
Chris McKenzie, Director - Semester Program, Michigan State University

We engage in important research to help guide recruitment strategies. Get a free digital copy of our report on the “Pace of Adoption of International Student Recruitment Agencies by U.S. Institutions."