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Holiday Travel Tips For International Students

​ If you are an international student in the US and want to travel for the holidays, you'll need to follow these steps to ensure your trip goes smoothly.

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Manhattanville College MS in Business Leadership: Are you Destined to lead?

A Master's in Business Leadership from Manhattanville College will prepare you for a changing business landscape. If you have a strong desire to lead, innovate, and inspire others at growing organizations, this degree could be for you.

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Earn a Bachelors Degree in the US in Less Than Two years

Western New England University offers an accelerated degree program that is designed to fit with the demanding schedule of working adults. With this program, students can earn their bachelor's degree in less than two years.

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Meet Bandar: Pathways Student at Philadelphia University

Bandar is a Pathways student from Saudi Arabia. We asked him about the differences in America and his home country, tips for new students and more. Read what he had to say!

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CSC starts new international student mentoring program

Chadron State College just started a program to help incoming international students adjust to U.S. university life, meet fellow students, and get involved in campus activities. Learn more about this new program and how it can benefit new international students.

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The Culture and Customs of Eating at a U.S. University

One of the biggest indicators of a culture is its food. If you’ve ever traveled abroad, you probably loved sampling the different foods in the new country you were visiting. However, it’s different when you’re actually living abroad somewhere new. If you study abroad at a U.S. university, part of your experience will involve learning

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How To Live With Roommates

If you plan to live in an on-campus dorm, chances are you’ll have a roommate. Living with a roommate can be very beneficial and enrich your college experience, but at times it can also be difficult to share a living space.

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Meet Vy, Vietnamese Student at Colorado Mesa University

Vy is a BridgePathways student at Colorado Mesa University and has been in the program for just over a month. During that short time, she has grown tremendously with both listening to and speaking in English. In her home country of Vietnam, she studied how to read and write in English, but never practiced English […]

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Survival Slang for the University Campus

​When attending a U.S. university, you can expect to hear a lot of slang. Since these are terms that you won’t learn in class, we’ve created a list of common American slang terms that you’ll hear, and hopefully learn to use, while on a university campus.

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Back to School English Review: Vocabulary for College

To help you transition into college with ease and keep up with your classmates, here is a quick vocab guide to five English words used almost exclusively in college.

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