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Start Your Career in Health at Husson University

Husson University offers a Bachelors of Science in Health Sciences. Thi program is is a pre-professional, cross-disciplinary program that will prepare you for a career in healthcare.

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Celebrating One Year: BridgePathways at Philadelphia University

BridgePathways at Philadelphia University has now helped students improve their English for over a year. The first group of students from the program are now working towards their desired degrees with conditional admission granted by BridgePathways. The center is welcoming more international students than ever before!

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Denver: An International City

Denver is a city of nearly three million, strategically located in the heart of the American West, at the base of the majestic Rocky Mountain range and a famous mile high above sea level. Known for both its natural beauty and historic significance, the town still boasts some of the Old West idiosyncrasies that make it an interesting place to live and work. However, these qualities barely scratch the surface of the answer to “Why Denver?”

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The Transition from BridgePathways to an American University

There are many benefits to studying English at a BridgePathways language center before attending an American college or university. Pathways students get to meet other international students, improve their English skills, and get accustomed to life on a U.S. university campus. Nineteen year-old Renato Guedes experienced all these benefits before diving into his American university experience at Colorado Mesa University.

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Academic Spotlight: Featured Programs at BridgePathways Partner Universities!

If you’re choosing a U.S. university for your plans to study abroad, your decision is based on factors like location, tuition costs, and, most importantly, the academic programs offered by each school. To help you zero-in on the university that’s right for you, these are featured majors of study at six BridgePathways partner universities located throughout the U.S.

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How to Pick A U.S. University That’s Right for You!

Choosing a university is a big decision, and that’s especially true for international students who study abroad in the U.S. While many of the factors are the same as those you’d consider when attending university at home, you are bound to have more questions when choosing a school abroad. The following are points to consider as you pick the U.S. university that’s right for you:

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The ABCs of University Degrees: Understanding Your Options

Have you ever looked at lists of degree programs offered at American universities, and become overwhelmed by all the choices? How about all the abbreviations next to the degree names, like A.A., A.S. or B.A.? To help lessen the confusion and guide you to the right program, we’re here to explain those degree abbreviations.

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Staff Interview: Afton Tyler’s Travel Advice

If you are interested in studying at a U.S. university through a BridgePathways center, chances are you will interact with Afton. Afton is the new International Admissions Advisor at BridgePathways who helps students enroll in English courses. She has traveled the world extensively and looks forward to helping students study abroad with BridgePathways. In this interview, she shares some advice of her own travel experiences.

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New International Student Scholarship at Colorado Mesa University!

We are pleased to announce that one of BridgePathways’ partner schools, Colorado Mesa University (CMU), in Grand Junction, CO, has recently released a scholarship opportunity for international students. Called the International Student Merit Scholarship, it is the very first scholarship available for international students at CMU!

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BridgePathways Student Profile: Erica at PhillaU

Erica is currently a student at BridgePathways at Philadelphia University and says she has since become a member of the Bridge family. At this stage, she is working to improve her linguistic and English skills before beginning her degree program. After successful completion of the BridgePathways program, she plans to pursue a degree in Business Administration at Philadelphia University.

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