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Advice From Your Advisors Make the Most of Studying in the US

Advice From Your Advisors Make the Most of Studying in the US We’ve all been there; promising ourselves, year after year to eat healthier, read more books and start recycling, only to make it through the first two months before tossing it into the pile of failed resolutions. If you broke the promises you made to yourself in 2014, give yourself another chance. Make 2015 the year that you stick to your resolution and promise yourself a better future by resolving to get a degree from a US University. The best part to your resolution this year is that you’re not on your own; you’ve got a team of outstanding advisors and academic managers dedicated to helping you achieve your goals of self-improvement! We’ve reached out to them for their advice on getting your degree from a US University in 2015: Q: “Tiffany, what are your thoughts on how 2015 would be better with a degree from a US University?”
Tiffany Hendrix –BridgePathways at Chadron State College A:“Starting down the pathway toward a university degree in 2015 is an excellent choice for immersing oneself in a unique community in the U.S. Students can use Chadron, NE as a base for exploring the American West. They can not only look forward to beginning studies in CSC’s top-notch education, business, or justice studies programs; they can also experience life on the prairie in the shadow of the beautiful Black Hills, where so many pivotal moments in American history took place.”
Q: “Jim, what advice would you give someone looking to study at a US University this in 2015?”
Jim Whitmore –BridgePathways at Colorado Mesa University A:“Keep oneself competitive in an ever increasingly globalized world, and focus on the value of continuing to grow professionally. Not to mention all of the wonderful people you will meet, and the beautiful places you can explore by choosing to study in another country. Specifically at CMU, students have great opportunities to explore the Western US, mountains, canyons, and all the adventure sports that come with these areas. If you can spend four to five years and just focus on improving yourself, why wouldn’t you?”
Q: “Rob, why would you urge students all over the world to get a degree from a US University in 2015?”
Rob Naborn –BridgePathways at Philadelphia University A:“What should I say about getting a US Degree in 2015? At Philadelphia University, we are proud that our Industrial Design department is ranked among the top in the nation, and that 94% of their 2013 graduates have found jobs in their disciplines.” For a brighter, more opportunistic future, resolve to get a degree from a US University in 2015. Your advisors are here to help you explore your American opportunities and succeed your academic goals. Take their advice! Learn more about all our U.S. university partners to get you started on your journey.

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