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Manhattanville College MS in Business Leadership: Are you Destined to lead?

Manhattanville College MS in Business Leadership: Are you Destined to lead? Do you like to solve problems and work on teams? Do you feel a calling to lead others? Effective leaders are in high demand in almost every industry today, and this demand will only rise as the baby boomer generation in the United States begins to retire. Prepare yourself for the challenges of management with a Master’s Degree in Business Leadership from Mahattanville College. In the Business Leadership program, you will:
  • Learn from industry-savvy faculty with real-world experience
  • Get a solid foundation in strategy, analysis, financial planning, and communication
  • Focus on a specific area such as IT, entrepreneurship, marketing, or others
  • Interact and learn in small, personalized classes
Manhattanville College consists of a diverse campus and just a short train ride away from New York City. Studying business leadership in this location means that you'll graduate with access and connections to the thousands of business opportunities in the greater New York area. Do you feel like you are up for the challenge? Preparing for a career in business leadership will set you up for an exciting and fulfilling life. Business leaders build teams, start businesses, create jobs, and can even inspire a following. Consider the impact of leaders such as Steve JobsJeff Bezos, and Arianna Huffington on our daily lives. You could be the next big leader to change the way we do business. Are you ready?
Learn more about this exciting degree at Manhattanville College. You can also contact a BridgePathways advisor for assistance in applying.

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