哈森大学于 1989 年建校,办学规模不大,但影响力巨大。哈森大学课程严格,实习机会丰富,多元化校园群体为留学生提供关爱及支持,为留学生取得事业成功打下基础。

Husson University inspires and prepares students for careers in current and emerging fields. Our internships and clinical placements ensure strong professional development. All 51 challenging undergraduate and graduate programs promote critical thinking, self-confidence and the communication skills necessary for success. Students may take advantage of 50+ clubs and organizations, 20+ athletic teams, and a host of activities in the safe and vibrant city of Bangor, Maine. Husson celebrates diversity, welcoming international students from more than 40 countries. A suite of student support offices, guarenteed housing, on-campus dining, modest costs and scholarships are value added services that make certain a positive return on student investment.


Husson University offers merit-based scholarships to accepted students. Undergraduate international students with a GPA (Grade Point Average) of 3.0 or higher are eligible for scholarship amounts ranging from USD $5,000 - $10,000 USD. If you apply to Husson, you are automatically screened for scholarship eligibility based on academic merit criteria.

Academic English Tuition & Start Dates

课程 学期 2020 Price
BridgePathways 10 weeks (20 hours per week) $3,600

Conditionally admitted students seeking English instruction prior to their studies at Husson University are welcome to attend the Bridge Academic English Program at BridgeEnglish in Denver, Colorado.

Term Start Dates
  • February 10
  • April 20
  • June 29
  • September 8
  • November 16
  • 10 Weeks
  • 10 Weeks
  • 10 Weeks
  • 10 Weeks
  • 10 Weeks
  • 10 Weeks

*The Academic English program takes place at BridgeEnglish, Denver.


项目 价格(美元)
  • 注册费
  • I-20 快递邮费
  • ESL 私人授课
  • Materials and Resources Fee
  • $155
  • $97
  • $75 per hour
  • $199 per term

Holidays observed at BridgePathways at BridgeEnglish, Denver:

  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King Day*
  • Presidents' Day**
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • January 1
  • January 20
  • February 17
  • May 25
  • July 3
  • September 7
  • November 26 - 27
  • December 25

*Martin Luther King holiday is observed at all centers except Denver.

**Presidents' Day is observed at the Denver center only.

BridgePathways® 学术英语项目 学术英语课程针对留学生精心开发,促进留学生在美国学术环境中取得成功。

BridgePathways 的学员将:

  • 提高英语听、说、读、写能力
  • 完成旨在为大学功课做准备的课程作业
  • 学习如何参与讨论和演讲
  • 为标准化测试做准备
  • 参与基本的社会和文化沉浸体验

BridgePathways 是以目标为导向的课程,根据学员目前的英语能力水平设定目标,进行个性化授课。这是 BridgePathways 衡量学员成功与否的标准,也是促进学员达成预期目标的方式。BridgePathways 保证为学员在美国大学取得学业成功做好万全准备。

Short-term Certificate Programs

Husson University’s College of Business offers academic certificate programs open to international students who would like to experience US university life, but are unable to commit to four years of a degree program. Certificate programs combined with the BridgePathways Academic English Program offer a high value experience for any international student.

  • Experience life on a U.S. university campus
  • Earn an academic certificate from an accredited U.S. university
  • Learn English and immerse yourself in American culture

Certificates offered:

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Counter Terrorism and Security
  • Sales

ENGLISH PLUS! Each of the above academic certificate programs may be combined with the on-campus BridgePathways Academic English Program.

BridgePathways and Husson

BridgePathways offers students customized English learning opportunities with the value of authentic U.S. university experience. The programs work for each unique student’s needs and last from 4 to18 months.

Benefits Include:

  • An authentic U.S. University experience that doesn’t require a long-term commitment
  • Introduction to specific career paths or the opportunity to explore specific career fields
  • An intensive, English immersion environment
  • Opportunity to transfer from a certificate program into a full degree program
  • 15 to 60 academic credits from Husson University
  • An official certificate of completion in a specific academic discipline
  • Broaden your career opportunities by enhancing your primary major with an additional skill set
  • An official BridgePathways certificate in English as a Second Language studies, including skill level analysis
  • Full-time student status, which includes eligibility to participate in all campus activities and events, on-campus housing and dining

Tuition and Fees: Download detailed certificate program and tuition information

Download program descriptions here.

Application Materials:

  • A completed application found at www.husson.edu/international
  • Current high school or university transcript
  • One letter of recommendation addressing the applicant’s potential for success in the program
  • A test of English proficiency (waived for students who will attend the BridgePathways Academic English Program
  • A photocopy of the applicant’s passport ID page
  • For visa approval, a declaration of finances form and bank statement indicating financial resources for the length of the program

Apply Now

All application materials should be sent electronically to Andrius Ksikvas, Office of International Initiatives, at ksikvasa@husson.edu.

在哈森大学的学生可以体验美国东北部的生活,这里具有历史悠久的独特文化和多元的人口。哈森大学坐落在缅因州人口总数第三的班戈市,占地 208 英亩,校园环境清幽,为学生提供专注于学业的氛围,同时距离班戈市迷人的市区仅五分钟距离。哈森大学以其社区为荣,尽可能为学生提供机会让学生融入社区。


哈森大学拥有逾 40 个校园学生社团和组织,为学生创造众多机会,通过课堂外的教育、文化、社会活动营造“生活学习环境”。学生社团和组织包括学生环保团体、留学生会、户外俱乐部以及其他融合学术活动的团体,让学生全面体验丰富多彩的大学生活。


哈森大学为所有学生提供机会,让学生通过各类组织锻炼领导能力:包括学生自治会,该团体由学生议会和行政委员会组成;希腊管理委员会,监管大学男生联谊会和大学女生联谊会;包括住宿顾问等宿舍管理职位。 哈森大学的目标是促进每位学生尽可能地发挥潜能,不仅在学业上获得成功,还能把自己培养成奉献、独立、成功的社会公民。




哈森大学为各类学生提供校内住宿。哈森大学共有四处学生宿舍,其中三处是传统的单人间宿舍或多人间宿舍;另一处是新型的“Darling Learning Center”,该中心为套房式公寓,每套最多可住四人。学生宿舍均坐落在主教学楼附近,相邻而设。不论是居住在传统的宿舍或是在新型的“Darling Learning Center”,校内住宿都可以促进个人发展,增强与社区和大学内民众的交流。对 BridgePathways 的学员来说,入住多人间宿舍是提高英语水平的绝佳机会!

如何申请就读 BridgePathways 哈森大学教学点

  • 1. 点击“立即申请”
  • 2. 选择哈森大学。
  • 3. 选择入学日期。
  • 4. 确认申请。


  • 全年开放申请,时间不受限。
  • 合作大学为合格学生提供有条件录取。
  • 顺利完成 BRIDGEPATHWAYS 可免考托福/雅思。<


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