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Staff Interview: Afton Tyler’s Travel Advice

Staff Interview: Afton Tyler’s Travel Advice If you are interested in studying at a U.S. university through a BridgePathways center, chances are you will interact with Afton. Afton is the new International Admissions Advisor at BridgePathways who helps students enroll in English courses. She has traveled the world extensively and looks forward to helping students study abroad with BridgePathways. In this interview, she shares some advice of her own travel experiences. What is your title and what do you do? I’m an International Admissions Advisor with BridgePathways, and I will be working with international students who would like to enroll in Academic, Business, and General English courses at one of our many Bridge centers here in the USA. What experience have you had in the education/study abroad field prior to joining Bridge? I’ve worked as an Admissions Counselor for a large public research university in the US, I’ve also worked as an English teacher in France, and I recently spent six months living and working in Geneva, Switzerland. What are you most looking forward to in your work with Bridge? ? I look forward to interacting and working with students from around the world who want to study abroad and learn another language. Both of these things have opened up many amazing opportunities in my life, and I’m thrilled to help encourage a passion for languages and education in Bridge students! What advice do you have for international students who want to study in a US university? The biggest thing I’ve learned from my various extended experiences abroad is to embrace the uncertainties and the challenges that can come with living in a different country. Be prepared, expect the unexpected, and keep a positive attitude – you will make great friends, and your time living and studying abroad will change your life for the better! What is your favorite international travel story? Seven years ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Australia. I hand-fed kangaroos, went scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, and even held a koala! Australia is one of the most incredible international destinations that I’ve yet visited. What is one thing about you that students don’t know? I’m an amateur-professional photographer, and I always have my DSLR camera close at hand whenever I’m away from home. One of my favorite things about traveling is taking photos of the cities I visit, of little details that I notice in my favorite parts of town, and of gorgeous local landscapes.

Here are some of Afton’s photos:

Grindelwald, Switzerland. Photo by Afton Tyler.
Luzern, Switzerland. Photo by Afton Tyler.
Paris, France. Photo by Afton Tyler.

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