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Grammar Advisor
  Ask the Grammar Advisor
  With Grammar Advisor, you’ll always have a real Grammar Advisor at your fingertips—if you need help, simply ask a question using the Ask the Grammar Advisor feature and it will be answered by our in-house staff of Grammar Advisors.

Chances are, if you have a question, someone else does too. That’s why we save, categorize, and display the most common questions asked of our Grammar Advisors. So if a student asks you “Why do we say this?” simply log into Grammar Advisor and use the built-in search engine to find the answer immediately!

  Grammar Certification
  Want to boost your resume? Stand out from the rest with our Certificate in English Grammar. Just take the final quiz at the end of the course and get this expert grammar credential.

The Grammar Advisor is a great complement to your TEFL Certification—either to supplement your grammar skills after a course, or to give you a head start on grammar before you start!

  Meet Your Grammar Guides
  You'll be guided through the course by two animated Sitepal characters, the Grammar Pro and Miss Takes.

  Hello, I’m the Grammar Pro. I’ll be giving you the section overview and introducing new concepts as each chapter begins.

  Hi, I’m Miss Takes. I’m here to point out potential pitfalls and places where it’s easy to make MIS-takes in the classroom. I’ll also clarify typical areas of confusion and give you tips to get your students through the sticky spots.

  Interactive Features
  A variety of dynamic features help you learn in an active and stimulating

  Built-In Glossary
  Use the pop-up glossary to find definitions of new words as you read.

  Jump Buttons
  Can’t remember where you saw a topic before? Just click on this symbol to go back to where the point was first explained. Then click this symbol to return.

  Search Engine
  Use our powerful search engine to find references to specific topics.

  Quiz Yourself
  Check yourself at the end of each section to make sure you have clearly understood the information and are ready to teach it to your students.

  Answer Reveal
  Click this symbol to reveal the answer and immediately evaluate yourself.

  Final Exam
  When you're ready to test your grammar knowledge and get your Certificate in English Grammar, take the 100-question Final Exam and find out how much you've learned!
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  Teacher Comments
  “Grammar Advisor makes it easy to understand the concepts being taught.”
Mark D., USA
   “Grammar Advisor is well-organized and user-friendly.”
Jaseena, Quatar
  “The best part about Grammar Advisor is the Ask the Advisor feature. You can get specific answers for your questions.”
Nafheh Sanai, Yemen
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