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Grammar Advisor
  You know the English language, but you draw a blank when it comes to the future continuous tense. How about reduced adjective clauses? The third conditional? Don’t get discouraged—get Grammar Advisor!

For many English teachers, grammar is the biggest “fear factor” we face. We speak our own native language, but don’t really understand how it is structured. This becomes glaringly apparent when we step into the EFL (English as a Foreign Language) classroom and students ask for rules to help them learn. As an English teacher, learning how to teach grammar and having a grammar resource at hand is essential to becoming an effective and professional instructor.

  Why Grammar Advisor?
  It’s complete.
  This is not the grammar digest—it’s the whole shebang. Everything you need to know about grammar is addressed. But the best part? You’ll only learn what you’ll need to know. Unlike your eighth-grade grammar class, with Grammar Advisor you’ll learn it one day and use it the next.
  It’s interactive and fun.
  We know that grammar can be tedious and technical, but we’ve done our best to break it down into manageable pieces. Our talking animated characters, Grammar Pro and Miss Takes, will guide you through the course with chapter overviews and helpful tips. Quizzes, dynamic glossaries, and interactive tools keep the course lively.
  It’s powered by real people.
  Our own staff of professional Grammar Advisors is behind the scenes, monitoring the knowledge base and answering your grammar-related questions.
  It’s a resume-booster.
  Upon completing the course, you can opt to take the final exam and get a Certificate in English Grammar. It’s proof to the world that you’re a black belt in grammar.
  It’s created by the experts.
  With over 20 years of experience training students and teachers, we know exactly what students will ask and what you will need when you get into the EFL classroom.

  What They’re Saying About Grammar Advisor
“If you’re in the least bit shaky or flaky with your English language grammar, then you would do well to check out Grammar Advisor. Not only is the site interactive, but has voice and sound as well so you get to hear spoken versions of grammar in context in addition to reading and grammar lessons.”
Larry M. Lynch, Professor at the Universidad Santiago de Cali in Colombia and author of the website Becoming a Better EFL Teacher.

  “I love Grammar Advisor! I love the idea [of having a personal grammar advisor] to answer my grammar questions, not solely relying on message boards. I also love the design of the entire site—it’s very easy on the eyes and the talking heads are very friendly!”
Eric, Owner of

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  Teacher Comments

“Grammar Advisor is well-organized, easy to follow, and easy to navigate.”
Jodie Campbell, Japan

  “Grammar Advisor offers simple and clear explanations of grammar points.”
Dorothy, USA
  “The content in Grammar Advisor is broken down into sections with good examples.”
Chrissy, USA

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