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Ready to land the English teaching job of your dreams? Get tips on how stand out in a competitive market, design a professional TEFL/TESOL resume and cover letter, ace your Skype TEFL job interview, and more. Plus, learn how to take advantage of Bridge’s wide range of job resources and services, including our network of Preferred Employment Partners, BridgeTEFL Job Board, and digital badges.

The Value of Volunteering in an ESL Class: My Experience

  Have you ever thought about volunteering with an ESL class? It is a great way to practice your intercultural communication skills, learn about other cultures, and gain exposure to the TEFL scene. It could even help you make a better decision on what type of students would suit you better, as well as whether […]

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Teaching English in Argentina: What to Expect

Country Overview Thinking of teaching in Argentina? This European-influenced South America country continually draws foreign teachers to cities like capital Buenos Aires, where tango dancing, open-air plazas, and café culture provide a cosmopolitan vibe. Outside the capital, Argentina also offers such diverse pursuits as Andes Mountain skiing, scenic tours of wine country and, for the […]

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No Money to Travel? Teach English in South Korea!

This post was written by Matthew Clark Over the years we’ve featured South Korea as a hot English teaching destination in The TEFL Insider several times.  While some TEFL markets have experienced ups and downs over that time, South Korea remains a land of opportunity for English teachers, particularly those with a limited travel budget.  […]

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Yes, You CAN Teach English Abroad!

  You’re excited about the idea of teaching English abroad; the adventure, the experience, the change to learn a new language… And you’ve done enough research to know that you’re going to need a TEFL certificate to qualify for jobs. But you’re hesitating. TEFL courses cost money and they take time. What if you spend all […]

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Tis the Season: Peak TEFL Hiring Seasons Around the World

While demand for qualified teachers is high all around the world, finding a job in many countries is significantly easier at peak times of the year. Setting yourself up to be looking for work during these hiring months can make the difference between receiving many job offers or just a handful. Here are a few […]

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A Few Questions with Bridge Vice President, Lisa Rooney!

Are you wanting to know more about teaching abroad or launching a new career? Lisa Rooney, Vice President of Bridge, told us about her experiences getting started with teaching English as a foreign language abroad. Q: Why did you choose to go with Bridge over other providers? A: Truthfully, I chose Bridge because I had found […]

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How to Get a TEFL Job in South Korea

For this article, we reached out to a Korean teacher recruiter and asked 5 questions to get some insight into what employers are looking for in South Korea and how potential TEFL teachers can best go about finding work there. 1. The type of teaching position (private institute vs. public school) is a decision every English […]

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Get Hired in Costa Rica, Peru, or Guatemala

I have found that the most frequently asked questions from prospective TEFL teachers have to do with finding a job after becoming certified to teach. I decided to go straight to the horse’s mouth and speak with our partner schools in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru to see what they are looking for in the […]

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Top 5 Places to Teach English Abroad as a Newbie

  You’ve never taught abroad before and as excited as you are about this adventure, you’re having a hard time deciding where in the world to go. There are so many countries, and you’ve been told there’s demand for English teachers in nearly every one of them. Well, here’s where I think you should consider going. 1. […]

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Teaching English in Japan: Catching Up with Kaye McDaniel

This post was written by Matthew Clark Kaye McDaniel was once a BridgeTEFL Bookings Advisor, a TEFLOnline guru, and an avid BridgeTEFL blogger. She worked for Bridge for over a year but left in June, 2011 to teach English in Japan. We recently had the chance to catch up with her to hear about her […]

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