Shella Chua, Filipino Teacher in China

Bridge Grad, Shella, on Her TEFL Career in Asia and Recent Shift to Online Teaching

Over the last 14 years, Shella has taught in various parts of Asia, such as Taiwan and, most recently, the Yunnan Province in China. She talked to us about her experience as a teacher and how her plans have been affected by the current coronavirus situation.

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Lejla, TEFL teacher in Egypt

Bridge Grad, Lejla, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Teaching in Egypt

Lejla has been an English teacher in Egypt for the last four and a half years. In this interview, she talks about passion for teaching, describes a typical day in her life, and shares her perspective on teaching as a non-native English speaker.

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Bridge alumni in the Global TEFL Community

Meet Teachers From Our Global TEFL Community!

Bridge supports the diverse global TEFL community made up of English language teachers of all backgrounds who are either teaching abroad or in their home country.

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Will Guo with CITA

Bridge Grad, Will, Connecting Students in Asia With Teachers in the U.S.

Originally from China, Will was an ESL teacher there before moving to the States and continuing his work in English education. Now he runs an education consulting business in Los Angeles that matches qualified TEFL teachers with students in Asia. 

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Gedisa, Bridge Grad Teaching English in South Korea

Bridge Grad, Gedisa, Teaching English in South Korea for 5 Years!

Gedisa was a high school teacher before making the decision to go abroad and teach English in Seoul, South Korea, where she’s been living for five years. She shares how she chose this location, what the hiring process involved, and what she loves most about the place she now calls home.

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Bridge grad, Shella, from the Philippines, teaching English in China

Advantages of Non-Native English Teachers in the TEFL Classroom

Do you have to be a native English speaker to teach the language in your home country or abroad? Definitely not. In fact, we’ll look at a number of advantages of non-native English teachers over their native English-speaking counterparts when it comes to TEFL.

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Ana Flávia From Brazil, Teaching Kids in Tianjin, China

Meet experienced English teacher, Ana Flávia, from Brazil, who is currently teaching young learners in China. She shares the ups and downs of living in a new culture and her advice for others planning to teach English.  

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Leticia, English teacher in Brazil

Bridge Grad, Leticia – From Au Pair to English Teacher in Brazil

Leticia is an experienced Brazilian teacher in São Paulo who decided to sharpen her skills by taking Bridge Specialized TEFL Certification courses. We interviewed about her unique career path from au pair to educator and her ongoing focus on professional development.

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Sharon, English teacher in Mexico

Meet Sharon from Mexico, Teaching Special Needs Students ESL

Sharon Hofmeister, from Mexico, has dedicated her career to teaching special education students in Mexico. We spoke with Sharon to find out more about her experience teaching English and how she is making an impact on the lives of many special education students. 

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Krzl, teaching English online from Chile

How Online Teaching Helped Me Become a Better English Teacher

You don’t need to cross an ocean to have a great TEFL experience! Here, English teacher, Krzl Light Nunes, writes about her experiences teaching English online, and the surprising ways it has improved her classroom teaching skills.

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