How Online Teaching Helped Me Become a Better English Teacher

You don’t need to cross an ocean to have a great TEFL experience! Here, English teacher, Krzl Light Nunes, writes about her experiences teaching English online, and the surprising ways it has improved her classroom teaching skills.

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Interview with Feruz Akobirov, PhD – Bridge Graduate and University Instructor

Feruz Akobirov is a Bridge Online TEFL course graduate from Uzbekistan, who has been teaching since 2003. Interestingly, Feruz was already a qualified professor teaching at Bukhara State University when he took his TEFL certification course with us this year. In fact, Feruz has two bachelor’s degrees, as well as a Master’s in English Linguistics, and a Ph.D. in Education!

I was curious to know more about the very-qualified Feruz and his motivation for getting TEFL certified, so I recently interviewed him.

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TEFL instructor

TEFL Outside the Box: Interview with an Online TEFL Teacher

The field of teaching English as a foreign language is always changing. These days there are not only more and more ways to get TEFL-certified (onsite, online, or a combination of the two), but there are also a growing number of non-traditional ways to use that certification to teach English worldwide. For example, as a […]

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Building an EFL Course Website

This post was written by Matthew Clark It is hard to deny the ubiquitous nature of the internet in modern society. As online courses and content become more common, you should also consider how you can integrate online content into your English classroom. Here are some suggestions for building your EFL course website: Put up […]

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Teaching English Online

Tips for Teaching English Online

This post was written by Laura Greenwood As our world gets busier, many students are choosing the less “traditional” route of online courses to fulfill their dreams. This includes BA’s, MA’s, hobbies, special interests, and now more than ever, foreign languages. A quick google search of “ESL Online” will bring up a lengthy list of […]

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