Pearson: Global Scale of English – The Ultimate Compass for Every Learner Journey

Research shows us that effective teaching and learning is outcomes-focused. By setting clear goals – and measuring progress towards those goals – we can better understand the impact of what is being taught, even for the youngest of learners. The Global Scale of English (GSE) was developed to address some of the limitations of the […]

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ETS TOEFL: Why Two High-Stakes Tests are Better than One – TOEFL iBT & TOEFL Essentials Tests

This session will share key features of two ETS world-class high-stakes proficiency tests: The TOEFL iBT® test, the premier test of academic English communication and brand-new TOEFL® Essentials™ test, an efficient, digitally-delivered assessment that maintains a meaningful focus on communicative ability. Each test is uniquely designed so students can choose the TOEFL test that’s best […]

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Trinity College London: Assessment Literacy – What’s at Stake When We Are Not Assessment Literate?

Whether you’re a teacher, administrator or student, the stakes are high when we’re not aware of the spectrum of details surrounding English proficiency tests available globally. This presentation will discuss the risks of not being assessment literate and will present a model to adopt for measuring quality control when considering English proficiency exams.

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Creating Custom Courses: Leveraging Your Teaching Experience Into Instructional and Curricular Design

You’ve honed your English language teaching skills and know your participles, phrasal verbs and clause structures, so what’s next? Why not leverage your experience into creating custom courses! This is an excellent way to meet the needs of niche English language learning audiences. Plus, once you become proficient, there are opportunities to offer your course […]

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Tips for Finding Engaging Materials from Ellii (formerly ESL Library) and Beyond!

Are you looking to engage intermediate or advanced learners in meaningful conversation? Whether you use authentic materials as inspiration or find ready-made materials and add your own twist, there’s a whole world of exciting topics out there for you to discuss. Our expert panelists are excited to share their sources of inspiration and concrete methods […]

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Free and Low-Cost Games for Intermediate English Language Learners

Everyone loves to make learning English fun, but can you play games and still teach your lesson with older, more advanced students? Whether online or in-person, learn to make it fun and conversational! Join Bridge and our expert panelists for a hands-on demonstration of how games can help accomplish your lesson plans and get more […]

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Creating Relevant and Authentic Cultural Experiences for Your Business English Students

English is the language of choice for many professionals in the business world. What are the implications for teachers of Global English, the “lingua franca” of the world? What kinds of additional instruction and support do professionals using English need to succeed in an international setting? Join Bridge’s Expert panel to learn why showcasing Global […]

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How to Stand Out in Online Teacher Marketplaces!

Online Teacher Marketplaces are quickly becoming a trendy method for online teachers to connect with students. As they become increasingly popular, how do you stand out to attract more students and increase your rate? Join Bridge to understand the mechanisms behind how marketplaces suggest teachers for prospective students. We will cover strategies that the most […]

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Transitioning to TESOL? How to Leverage Your Previous Work Experience to Thrive in ELT

Considering a career transition to TEFL/TESOL (or just a great part-time job or retirement activity)? No matter your previous work experience, age, education or background, you can find a path towards a fruitful career teaching English! Join Bridge and experts from the ELT sector to learn how you can reimagine yourself as an English language […]

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Teaching Business English in the Ever-Changing 21st Century

Join Bridge and experts from the ELT sector to learn what it takes to teach Business English in the 21st century. We’ll break down how much background you should have in business, how deeply you need to understand your niche, what trends and technologies you need to stay on top of, and what employers and […]

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