Teaching English Online: The New Frontier
Virtual Summit Speakers

Meet the speakers at the December 2021 virtual Summit.

Dr. Sandra Quiñones

English Language Development Specialist and CEO of The Language Lady

Jean-Marc Alberola

President of Bridge Education Group

Lindsay McMahon

Founder of All Ears English Website and Podcast

Yong Zhao

Distinguished Professor, University of Kansas

Johnny Dejeas

CC English Manager at Intercambio

Ian Wright

Director of BridgeUniverse

Aisha Gamam

Senior Team Leader, PYD English, King Faisal University

Shoshannah Hernandez

Director for the Institute for TESOL Studies at Huntington University

Dr. Tracee Miller

Senior Community Marketing Manager (Schools) at Duolingo

Miles Iton

Founder and Program Director, Lo-Fi

Raquel Castro

Founder of ILearn Center (Costa Rica)

Alex Bricker

CEO of ESL with Purpose

Nora Gordon

Curriculum Designer at Duolingo

Melanie Drake

Global Training and Content Manager at Pearson

Elena Deleyto

Commissioning Editor at Digital Learning Associates

William Fish

Regional Development Manager, Pearson PTE Academic

Donovan Brown

Communications Manager, Lo-Fi

Kate Bogar

Creator, “English Anywhere”

Andrew H. Chen

Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer of WholeRen Education

Kris Jagasia

Co-Founder and CEO of Off2Class

Lisa Frumkes

Director of Content & Curriculum at Duolingo

Deborah Meli

Owner, Marander - Private English Lessons (Switzerland)

Travis Wentworth

Co-Founder, Langu

Elka Todeva

Professor, SIT Graduate Institute

Andres Bermúdez

Multilingual EFL teacher

Jennifer Lebedev

Online English Teacher and Creator of “English with Jennifer”

Stephen Haggard

Director and Co-Founder at Digital Learning Associates

Cassy Huidobro

Instructional Design and eLearning Specialist, Bridge Education Group

Carla Martinez

Certified TEFL teacher

Meghan McMillian

University Relations Manager & Graduate Programs Outreach, SIT

Joanna Wrzesinska

Academic Relations & ELT Manager, ETS TOEFL

David Deubelbeiss

Founder, ELT Buzz

Vera Baranovskaya

Certified TEFL teacher

Leslie Turpin

Professor, SIT

Rory Falls

Founder and Director, The Language Mountain

Charlie Abelmann

Educational Researcher and Documentary Filmmaker

Rachel Story

Freelance Online English Teacher, Founder of Grateful Gypsies Blog

Josefina Castillo

Founder, Argot Soluciones Lingüísticas (Argentina)

Vesela Koeva

Certified EFL instructor, BridgeEnglish Chile

Natalia Bustos

Director of Marketing, Sales and Customer Service, BridgeEnglish Latin America

Venice Irving

CEO, Happy Teachers (Jamaica)

Anna Hearrell

Product Manager, Bridge Education Group

Maggie de Oliveira

Teacher and Institutional Relations Manager, Bridge Education Group

Krzl Light Nuñes

Online English Teacher and Digital Nomad

Alex Asher

CEO, LearnCube

Ben Dent

Co-Founder, Hallo

Jake Young

Founder and Materials Creator, Fluentize

Gabrielle Mare

Certified EFL Teacher

Taylor Eatherly

ESL Educator Specializing in Teaching English Pronunciation

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