English Language Testing:
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Virtual Summit Speakers

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Meet the speakers at the April 2022 virtual Summit.

Jean-Marc Alberola

President of Bridge Education Group

Erin Shaw Hernandez

Owner of Larchmere Language Services

Melanie Drake

Global Training and Content Manager at Pearson

Ian Wright

Director of BridgeUniverse

Donald Moen

Professor at Language Institute at the Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology

Ian Cawley

Product Manager for Business (BEC) Qualifications and the Cambridge English Placement Test (CEPT) at Cambridge

Mike Mayor

Director of English Learning Research & Design at Pearson

Kayla Landers

Language Specialist, ITA Program Liaison, and Adjunct Lecturer at Lehigh University

Dr. Soheil Mansouri

Visiting Assistant Professor of TESL, School of Education, Webster University

Christina Cavage

Curriculum and Assessment Manager at the University of Central Florida (UCF)

Caroline Fisher

Content Marketing + Test Taker Liaison at Duolingo English Test (DET)

Sean Dyer

Qualifications Recognition Lead at Trinity College London

Lisa Besso

Co-Founder of Global Ed Professionals

Jeff Hutcheson

Co-Founder of Global Ed Professionals

Cathleen Mahoney

Founder and CEO of Bright Language Testing LLC

Anna Hearrell

Director of Operations at Bridge

Cassy Huidobro

Instructional Design and eLearning Specialist at Bridge

Karina Zew

Tutor at Bridge

Joanna Wrzesinska

Academic Relations & ELT Manager, ETS TOEFL

Jennifer Phillips

Director of WESLI (Wisconsin ESL Institute)

William Fish

Regional Development Manager for Pearson PTE Academic

Misty Wilson, Ed.D.

Head of Teaching for Immerse

Daniel Lesho

President of the English Language Testing Society

Dr. Christine Coombe

Associate Professor of General Studies at Dubai Men's College

Rachel Story

Freelance Online English Teacher, Founder of Grateful Gypsies Blog

Cinthia Cristaldi

CSR specialist at Bright Language

Natalia Bustos

Director of Marketing, Sales and Customer Service at BridgeEnglish LATAM

Krzl Light Nuñes

Online English Teacher and Digital Nomad

Maria Summers

Skill Area Supervisor at the English Language Center at Brigham Young University

Nick Gossett, PhD

Higher Ed Specialist at Avant Assessment

Nicola Jordan

Support Coach, Instructional Coach, and ESOL Compliance Specialist

Tahnee Bucher

Assessment Coordinator at the Center for English as a Second Language (CESL), University of Arizona

Mornie Sims

Testing Analyst for DLIELC

Troy L. Cox

Associate Director of the Center for Language Studies and an Associate Professor of Linguistics at Brigham Young University

Moroni Flake

CEO of English3 and Homebase

Judson Hart

Director of Language Assessment at Emmersion

Kirsten Sutton

Test Development Manager at English3

Adam-Lucas Pettit

Head of University Partnerships at Password Testing

Sherry Mazin

Business Development Manager - USA for iTEP

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