Tips from a Trainer– Part One: Choosing the IDELT™ Course

By Bridge
May 18, 2011

This post was written by Denise Kray

Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona, Seoul.

You have probably already considered where you want to teach English, but have you also considered how you will get there?

The answer is simple: take the IDELT™ (International Diploma in English Language Teaching).

What is the IDELT™?

The IDELT™ is a month long intensive course that gives you an in-depth understanding of the theory and practice of today’s English teaching best practices, as well as identifying and addressing the challenges facing the teacher and learner. The course content includes the teaching and learning context, roles of the teacher and learner, language analysis and awareness, language skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking), lesson planning and preparation including available resources, and developing teaching skills and professionalism.  

During the course you acquire a wealth of materials that you can take with you overseas including:

  • textbooks and grammar reference materials
  • examples of materials and activities that can be used in your own lessons
  • resources for locating additional teaching materials
  • a set of complete lessons with teaching materials
  • a video of at least one of your teaching practice lessons

Who is the IDELT™ for?

The course is designed for anyone with little to no previous teaching experience, as well as those who have taught but are looking to learn more and advance in the field.

Why should I take the IDELT™?

The IDELT™ is recognized worldwide. We’ve placed IDELT™ graduates throughout the world because employers know that IDELT™ grads come ready to teach – meaning you have been assessed by experts and have demonstrated the skills and techniques needed to be an effective teacher. At the end of the course you have a ‘portfolio’ of lesson plans, videoed teaching practice, and your certificate available to show future employers.

All of our on-site IDELT™, TEFL, and CELTA certificate programs include job placement assistance free of charge.

The IDELT™ program has also been approved by ACCET (Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training) and is recommended for credit at over 1,500 universities by National CCRS (National College Credit Recommendation Service).

‘Tips’ are from Denver, Colorado BridgeTEFL Trainers: Denise Kray, Laura Greenwood and Joshua Yardley.

Part Two: Preparing for the IDELT™ Course.