Why I Chose a Classroom TEFL Course: Guest Blog by Shaley George

By Bridge
July 17, 2012
Shaley George recently completed a TEFL certification course with Bridge and was kind enough to write this blog about how and why she came to choose the course she did.

I’m Shaley George and I am an IDELT course graduate. When I decided to take a TEFL course in 2010, I had just graduated university with my anthropology degree. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my degree but I knew I loved to travel and experience new cultures. I stumbled across teaching English abroad and began researching teacher training courses. I found Bridge online and their international reputation and selection of TEFL courses fit my requirements. I requested more information on the courses offered at Bridge in Denver, CO and was quickly contacted by a Bridge employee who helped me choose the IDELT course for its affordability and credibility.

Overall, my onsite experience while taking the IDELT course was excellent. The course trainers were wonderful! Together they offered the right amount of fun and serious learning. I most enjoyed my teaching practice with the adult foreigner national students. It was nerve-racking to teach the first week of training, but I learned it’s best to jump in feet first!

After taking the course I found a job teaching overseas in Thailand. Even though I was teaching 4 year olds, I found my IDELT certificate training came in handy daily. Whether I was calling upon my classroom management experience at Bridge or using the online teacher resource sites we were given, I was continually using my hands-on experience provided by the onsite course.

After returning from overseas I began to look into teaching English to adults. I was lucky enough to be hired on at Bridge! I am greatly enjoying teaching adults. The onsite course helped prepare me to teach a multitude of nationalities and levels in the classroom, and to have fun while I do it!

Shaley found the classroom course beneficial for the hands-on training and teaching practicum. An online course may better suit your needs, however. Check out our blog here to see if online might be a better choice for you.

This post was written by Willow Pergl.