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English Wizards provides top-quality Native English Teachers to language schools and businesses all over Poland. At the same time, we build a strong community of teachers from all over the world who work together to build up our skills, both inside the classroom and out. Most traditional TEFL recruiters focus solely on hiring teachers, and most schools focus on selling their course to prospective students, but at English Wizards we put our teachers (or Wizards as we like to call ourselves) first. That’s why we provide our teachers with complete access to our database of teaching materials at the click of a button, 24/7 support from our staff to address any concerns at work or outside of work, and a flexible scheduling policy to allow everyone to make the most of their time living in the heart of Europe.

At English Wizards, we take a unique approach to being a school, recruiter, and training provider all in one. We recruit teachers from all over the world, assist with their relocation, offer them training if they lack qualifications, and find jobs for them at one of our many partner language schools, kids programs, and business clients all over Poland. But unlike most recruiters, our teachers remain our employees, use our teaching resources, and have the privilege to teach at any school or program within our network. This opens up an immense world of teaching opportunities to teachers that few other positions will offer. Our system also allows teachers to have an incredible amount of schedule flexibility – thanks to our vast network of schools a teachers, our teachers have the freedom to choose their own work hours, work environments, and can take time off as they please.

We also offer our teachers a huge amount of support, comparable to what is typically offered only on expensive teach abroad programs. In addition to our job placement service, this includes pre-departure support, arrival assistance, accommodation assistance, visa assistance, training, onsite support, social events, and more.

Our “Wizards” are paid at the standard rate of pay for a Native English Teacher in Poland, between 30 and 60 PLN per teaching hour depend on what the job entails.

Est. In 2018
30 - 45 Teachers
200+ Students

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