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Tomorrow Advancing Life (NYSE: TAL) is a leading education and technology enterprise in China, which holds close the core development goals of being technology-driven, talent-centered, and quality-focused. Since its establishment, TAL is committed to integrating technologies and the Internet into education, to deliver a better study experience for children.

TAL continuously strives to promote educational progress through cutting-edge technologies. TAL has may sub-brands, including Speiyou, xueersi.com, Izhikang, First Leap, Mobby, Lewaijiao, jzb.com, kaoyan.com,and gaokao.com. Speiyou is a high-end K12 talent training and education platform, and consists of three sub-brands: Speiyou Science, lejiale.com, and Dongxuetang Chinese. Moreover, the jzb.com sub-brand of TAL is an Internet education platform with expansive coverage and high credibility in China .

On October 20, 2010, Xueersi, the predecessor of TAL, was listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:XRS), becoming the first Chinese education institution for primary and middle school students to be listed in the U.S.

TAL invests in valuable projects that align with their mission and core values, including Babytree, Minerva University, guokr.com, Knewton, LTG, Sharkpark, Heyha, qijixue.com, changingedu.com, liuxue.com, xbl.youban.com, zxxk.com, and knowbox.cn.

EdStars is an entrepreneur online education service platform. Currently, EdStars provides public welfare services, including entrepreneurship camps, lectures, entrepreneurship salons, and joint recruitment, for online education CEOs.

Est. In 2003
45+ Teachers
200+ Students
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