Sarasas Witaed Ban Phaeo

Sarasas Witaed Ban Phaeo is 1 of 46 Sarasas schools located throughout Thailand. It is located in the small town of Ban Phaeo about 30 km from the large city of Samut Sakon and about 50 km from Bangkok city, the largest and capital city of Thailand. The school educates children from Nursery thru Grade 9 in 2 levels of classes in 3 programs. The first is Mini Bilingual and 15% English classes, the 2nd and 3rd is Asian and Bilingual which is 50% English classes each. The students are predominantly Thai.
Sarasas Witaed Ban Phaeo is looking for Native speakers (American, British, and Australian) with mild accents. Teachers are encouraged to have a 4 year degree, and TEFL or equivalent. Teachers are not required to speak Thai, but it is helpful if you do. The average weekly work is 21-24 classroom hours, sign in at 7:00 am until 1600. Lunch is provided, at the school. Some apartments are provided by the school or you are given a generous housing allowance (some schools). Salary is paid on the first of each month and is competitive with other schools in Thailand. The staff is excellent with coordinators speaking English. There is a dress code which will be related at interview, but can be viewed as professional.
For teachers with degrees, visa and immigration assistance is provided. The Primary contact persons are Michael Constable, Foreign Teacher, Teacher Kob, Foreign Teacher Coordinator, Ms. Chintana, Director of Foreign Teachers.
If interested in a teaching position please be ready to provide all education documents as well as a passport style picture

Est. In 1992
5 – 15 Teachers
200+ Students

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