Kid Castle Educational Corporation

Kid Castle Educational Corporation has been a leader in English education in Asia for over thirty years. We focus on ESL for young learners around Taiwan and China. We use our own curriculum and the latest tech in our classrooms to create a better learning environment for the students. All of our classes use an English only environment to allow our students to learn from a native perspective. Years of experience give us the edge in finding the best ESL teachers from countries all over the world. We are proud of our reputation as one of the leading English education organizations in Asia.

At Kid Castle, we run both bilingual Kindergartens and after-school Training Center schools. In total, we have over 700 branches in Taiwan and China. New branches in both markets are opening up every few months!

Kid Castle Educational Corporation also provides textbooks, curriculum and other teaching resources to over 7000 schools. This includes elementary schools and other privately owned schools in Taiwan and China. We’ve also added programs like i-Reading Castle English Library, advanced APEX classes and International Kindergarten curricula. We’re constantly developing training workshops to keep our teachers at the top of their game. Because of Kid Castle’s great teachers and quality resources, the future looks bright at Kid Castle.

Est. In 1986
45+ Teachers
200+ Students
Language School

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