Blue Ocean Consultants

BOEC has revolutionized the language industry by providing its clients with the first full English service within a training center in São Paulo. At BOEC, the client can take English classes or use their credit for consulting services in English.

A BOEC consultant is always waiting to assist you with all your English needs. If you want to review an email before sending it or simply want to have help planning your next trip to or from outside. BOEC is there for you.

In addition, BOEC has restored one of its products commercialized (English classes) to its nuclear concept and only come back 2 elements adding that each client wishes. (1. Classes with a native speaker 2. custom course material). With this simplified approach to English the BOEC will always be able to sell their class hours at a lower price than its competitors.

BOEC also offers online classes via IM, Video IM or video conferencing. Customers are able to take lessons while traveling or in the privacy of their own homes or offices, 24 hours a day.

Language Center

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