Gaba Corporation in Japan

Gaba was founded in 1995 to challenge the norm of the day. English was being taught in group lessons using a formulaic, one-size-fits-all approach. Gaba’s innovation: instruct clients one at a time with a focus on each individual’s needs. In other words, give a fully customized learning experience.

We set out with a three-fold mission which holds to this day:

Help people achieve their most audacious life goals.
Nurture the ability to compete on the global stage.
Contribute to the mutual understanding of various cultures.

When Gaba first started, there were no Learning Studios and lessons were taught in public places such as libraries and cafes. In the year 2000, we opened our first studios to better ensure the quality of our service. Despite Japan’s economic bubble having burst by this time, client demand grew swiftly.

Other notable years include 2005 with the opening of our first locations outside of the greater Tokyo area. In 2007, Gaba went public. Our continued success garnered the attention of several large Japanese companies including Nichii Gakkan. A large provider of medical services, they acquired Gaba in the autumn of 2011. Today there are 39 Learning Studios in each of Japan’s three largest markets: Kanto, Kansai, and Chubu.

We can only achieve our goals with our greatest asset: quality instructors. Thus, Gaba measures its success by both the satisfaction of its clients and instructors.

Est. In 1995
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