Unidad Académica Campesina-Carmen Pampa

The Unidad Académica Campesina-Carmen Pampa (UAC-CP) is a college in rural Bolivia that provides access to higher education for poor, indigenous youth. The UAC-CP, internationally recognized for both its unique approach and ability to address and dissipate root causes of poverty, is partially funded by Carmen Pampa Fund (CPF). CPF is a non-profit organization based in St. Paul, Minnesota that generates resources to assist the growth and development of the UAC-CP.

Both the College and CPF share a vision of economic, environmental, and social justice for the people of Bolivia. In recognition of their vital work, in 2003 the United Nations Subcommittee for the Eradication of Poverty designated the UAC-CP as one of the seven most effective initiatives worldwide.

The UAC-CP’s Language Department relies on English-speaking professional visitors to supplement and execute the College’s English instruction within all five major areas of study at the College: Nursing, Veterinary Science, Agronomy, Education, and Ecotourism.

Est. In 1993
45+ Teachers
200+ Students

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