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EFL Games and Activities
Ice Breaker for the First Day of Class
Teaching English Grammar
Teaching Verb Tenses
Pronunciation Activity: Word Stress
Follow-up Activities for Reading
Restaurant Ordering Role Play
Teaching Techniques
Error Correction
Teaching Idioms and Expressions
TEFL Whole-Class Writing Activity

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  • EFL Games and Activities
    Dice Game for Teaching the Imperative
    Teaching Superlatives
    Using Actions to Practice English Vocab
    Practicing English Vocab with Crosswords
    Practice English Vocab with a Word Search
    Using Mingles and Role Plays to Teach English
  • Teaching English Grammar
    Drilling the Past Continuous
    Using Promises to Teach the 1st Conditional
    A Mingle for the Present Perfect
    Present Perfect Negative Statements
    Eliciting the Second Conditional
    Explaining Participial Adjectives
  • Pronunciation
    Teaching Minimal Pairs
    Connected Speech
    Using Jazz Chants for Sentence Stress
    A Maze Game to Practice Word Stress
    Using Poems for Sentence Stress
    Vowel to Vowel Linking
  • Reading
    Reading Skills
    Pre-Teach Vocabulary with Diagrams
    Authentic Reading Materials
    Pre-Teach Vocabulary with Images
    Computer Assisted Learning
    Using a Cloze Tests
  • Speaking
    Forecast Role Play
    A Halloween Lesson for the EFL Classroom!
    Presenting with Posters
    Line-Up for Fluency
    Informational Interviews
    Expressing Obligation
  • Teaching Techniques
    EFL Lesson Planning
    Giving Instructions in the EFL Classroom
    Establishing EFL Classroom Routines
    Dealing with Disruptive Students
    Concept Check Questions
    Tips to Identify Future Lesson Objectives
  • Vocabulary
    Teaching Vocabulary
    Vocabulary Bingo
    Using a Memory Game for Opposites
    Expanding Vocabulary with Word Endings
    Using Realia for Vocabulary
    Using a Word Wall for Vocabulary
  • Writing
    Building Confidence in Writing
    Using Writing Prompts
    Teaching Creative Writing
    Product Writing How to Write a Business Letter
    Teaching Writing Skills
    Teach Writing with "Running Dictation"

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