Daniel Gallardo, English Teacher

From Chile

As a decade-long EFL teacher, Daniel’s favorite moment as a teacher is when he sees students overcome their fear and begin speaking in English freely and confidently. He believes in a communicative approach to language teaching that focuses on conversational English, interactive dialogue, and practical language use and vocabulary acquisition. He is driven by his belief in the vital role language plays in fostering understanding and connection between people.

What is your nationality and where do you currently reside?

To start, I am Daniel Gallardo, a Chilean national currently residing in the beautiful city of Puerto Montt.

What is your professional and educational background?

I earned my degree as an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher in 2013 and have been dedicated to this profession ever since. My teaching career started in various schools where I worked until 2019. In 2020, I transitioned to teaching English online, which I find equally rewarding and fulfilling.

Which Bridge certifications or micro-credentials have you completed?

Currently, I am enrolled in the Teaching English to Teenagers Specialized Certification with Bridge, keen to further enhance my skills and broaden my professional horizons.

How long have you been teaching with BridgeEnglish?

I’ve been teaching with BridgeEnglish since April 2023, and I have found it to be an engaging and supportive environment, truly conducive to both teaching and learning.

How long have you been teaching languages and what inspired you to teach?

I’ve been teaching languages for about ten years now, and what initially sparked my interest was my profound appreciation for languages and the vital role they play in fostering understanding and connection between people.

What languages do you speak?

As a Chilean, my native language is Spanish, and I’m an expert English speaker and teacher.

Can you share a memorable experience or success story from your language teaching career?

There have been numerous memorable moments in my teaching career, but the ones that stand out most are when students overcome their fears and start expressing themselves freely and confidently in English.

What is your teaching philosophy or approach to helping students learn a new language?

My teaching philosophy is centered around the Dogme methodology, which emphasizes conversational English and interactive dialogues on various topics to promote practical language use and vocabulary acquisition.

How do you incorporate your culture and background into your language lessons?

I strive to weave elements of my Chilean background and culture into my lessons, providing students with a multicultural perspective and rich, varied discussions.

What are some of your favorite teaching tools or techniques to engage students in the learning process?

One of the teaching techniques I find most effective is providing both oral and written feedback, which aids in the students’ improvement process by addressing mistakes, praising achievements, and offering resources to enhance their language skills.

I look forward to helping my students thrive in their English language journey.