Vinisha Veerasekar, From India, Teaching With BridgeEnglish

From India

I have been teaching English for over three years now. I have always wanted to become an English teacher from a very young age and I met a lot of wonderful teachers throughout my school and uni days!

What is your educational background?

I have my CELTA certificate English Tutor and a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. I have also completed the 20-Hour Micro-credential in Teaching IELTS Exam Prep and 60-Hour Specialized Certification in Teaching Business English.

How long have you been teaching with BridgeEnglish?

I have been teaching with BridgeEnglish since May 2023.

How long have you been teaching languages and what inspired you to teach?
What languages do you speak?

I speak English, Tamil, and Kannada.

Can you share a memorable experience or success story from your language teaching career?

When I was teaching middle school, I introduced my students to a reading program called the READING LOG. The students made a record of all the books they read throughout the year and presented reviews on their favorite books at year-end. The students were rewarded based on the book count and the best presentation. It helped them to understand the value of reading and encouraged them to grow their reading habits.

What is your teaching philosophy or approach to helping students learn a new language?

I believe in the communicative approach because it focuses on the students more than the teacher.

What do you think sets Bridge apart from other language schools, and why did you choose to teach here?

Bridge provides many programs and workshops for the professional well-being of the teachers, promoting continued professional development. It helps me to understand the role better and encourages me to acquire skills whenever possible which increases my motivation to learn more as a budding teacher!

How do you incorporate your culture and background into your language lessons?

In some cases, I try to explain what a particular situation would look like in my cultural context and I also let the students share their experiences with their culture. I also make sure that it doesn’t become inappropriate or offensive. Being culturally sensitive is important so that you can have some good laughs and also embrace the diversity around you.

What are some of your favorite teaching tools or techniques to engage students in the learning process?

I try to show interesting videos on the similarities and differences between the student’s native language and target language. I also try to show a simple grammar video when a concept becomes too overwhelming for the student.

What motivated you to specialize in teaching Business English specifically?

My experience with CELTA highly motivated me to teach Business English.

What teaching methods or approaches do you find most effective when teaching Business English to your students?

I use TTT (Test, Teach, Test) method and PPP (Presentation, Practice, Production) method while teaching Business English.

What do you believe are the key skills and language areas that students should focus on when learning Business English?

I believe that students should focus on the listening and speaking skills the most. Sometimes it can be hard for them to pick up a different accent. Pronunciation plays a major part too.

Can you share any tips or advice for professionals looking to improve their business communication skills in English?

I would like to suggest that acquiring as many skills as possible helps you to understand your role better and motivates you to keep learning. It’s better late than never!