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Earn University Credit with a Short Term Certificate from Husson University

Earn University Credit with a Short Term Certificate from Husson University Are you looking for a short-term opportunity to study abroad in the USA? Consider enrolling in a certificate program at the Husson University College of Business. As a student in a Husson University certificate program, you will earn 15-60 college credits while enjoying full-time student status and access to all university facilities. Certificates are a great way to add a special area of knowledge or expertise to a major, or to earn units towards an associate or bachelor’s degree. The following certificate programs are available through the Husson University College of Business: Accounting: Prepare for such positions as accounts payable clerks, accounts receivable clerks, bookkeepers or tellers. The accounting certificate covers public as well as private accounting topics. Business Administration: Gain valuable skills for any industry, including the ability to lead, supervise, and communicate effectively. This certificate will prepare you to move up the ladder into a management position. Counter Terrorism & Security: Understand the threat of terrorism as it applies to law enforcement and security practices. This certificate prepares you for a career in homeland security at federal, state, and local levels. Sales: Understand key concepts and best practices in sales, customer service, and marketing. A certificate in sales will make you more competitive in the job market.
A short-term certificate is a smart way to test the waters of a specific area while also jump-starting your career and earning credit towards a degree. Combine any of these certificates with English language study at BridgePathways to maximize your time in the United States.

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