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Conversation Connection

Connect, Socialize, and Master English!

This program focuses on learning through conversations and group dynamics and is designed for ambitious professionals – those who understand that learning a language is not just about textbooks but about conversations, connections, and the application of knowledge in the real world.

Connecting through speaking.
Learning through sharing.

Conversation Connection offers an exclusive opportunity to connect your teams with other professionals who share their level of English proficiency, thus expanding their language skills and professional network in a single experience.

Dynamic Games:

Learning with activities that challenge one’s English level in playful and exciting ways.

Current Contexts:

Discussions in English about the latest global events, enriching vocabulary and cultural understanding.

Problem-Solving Exercises:

Collaborative approaches to challenges and obstacles, perfecting communication and critical thinking skills.

Management Topics:

Debates on essential business processes and tasks.


Building confidence and clarity when speaking on various topics, and receiving valuable feedback from peers and instructors.

Cultural Exchange:

Expanding cultural horizons through conversations in English with people from all over the world.

Easy Enrollment, Flexible Scheduling

This 20-hour program is one among the broad selection of Specialized Course offerings that complement Bridge Foundational Courses.

Classes are available two to three times a week, ensuring that teams can find a schedule that fits perfectly with their busy agendas.

Connect, share, and learn!

Join the conversation.

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