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Maximize your Learning,
with our flexible programs in
3 simple steps!


Select the amount of teacher-powered instruction for different learners.  From 100% to 20%.

100% Teacher-powered instruction

Access to the online learning platform

70% Teacher-powered instruction

30% online self-study via the online learning Bridge Platform

40% Teacher-powered instruction

60% online self-study via the online learning Bridge Platform

20% Teacher-powered instruction

80% online self-study via App

All Programs are designed for 45 Hour modules


Select Course formats, customizable for each learner.


The ultimate in personalized learning, with one on one instruction


Closed groups of never more than 5 students insure everyone gets to speak and participate in class


Complement with our optional Specialized Courses:
Super-charge your program!

21st Century Skills

Develop in-demand soft skills like critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, and collaboration.

Conversation CoPilot

Through AI voice technology, personalized feedback, interactive exercises, and conversational scenarios in real business contexts, Conversation CoPilot accelerates your path to language fluency.


Improve your pronunciation in English with a certified Bridge teacher.

Hyper-Personalized Curriculum

We utilize AI and your job-specific documents and company-related content to create hyper-personalized lesson plans.

ESP (English for Specific Purposes)

Specialize in Finance and Accounting, Marketing, Legal English, and much more.

Conversation Connection

Learn English together with peers from other companies and countries.

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