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Foundational and Specialized Courses

Empowering Communication in a Globalized World

Our comprehensive suite of courses is meticulously designed to unlock your team’s full communication potential in the global marketplace.

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Our Foundational Courses provide a robust grounding in Business English across 18 progressive levels. Each step is aligned with CEFR and GSE standards, ensuring measurable growth and practical language skills.

For those ready to specialize, our Specialized Courses offer a deep dive into industry-specific terminology and practices, and/or provide students with complimentary skills to enhance their proficiency and confidence in their field.

Foundational Courses

Build a Rock-Solid Foundation in Business English

Specialized Courses

Customize Your Language Learning Experience


At Bridge, we believe in a robust start to your language learning journey. Our Foundational Courses are meticulously designed to align with the CEFR standard and the GSE, guiding students through a series of 18 progressive levels. Each level is a step forward on the path to complete language proficiency, ensuring no gaps in knowledge or usage.

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18 Bridge Levels aligned with International Standards:

From absolute beginner to advanced proficiency matched to CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) and GSE (Global Scale of English).

Curriculum Highlights

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Levels progress in 45-Hour Blocks: Comprehensive materials for each level

Business English Focus illustartion

Business English Focus: Tailored for the professional environment

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Sequential Learning: A structured path for consistent progress


For those looking to further tailor their language learning, Bridge offers Specialized Courses. Designed to complement our Foundational Courses, these 20-hour modules allow learners to fine-tune their skills or delve into new areas of expertise.

Our Specialized Courses:

21st-Century Skills

Develop in-demand soft skills like critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, and collaboration.

Conversation CoPilot

Through AI voice technology, personalized feedback, interactive exercises, and conversational scenarios in real business contexts, Conversation CoPilot accelerates your path to language fluency.


Improve your pronunciation in English with a certified Bridge teacher.

Hyper-Personalized Curriculum

We utilize AI and your job-specific documents and company-related content to create hyper-personalized lesson plans.

ESP (English for Specific Purposes)

Specialize in Finance and Accounting, Marketing, Legal English, and much more.

Conversation Connection

Learn English with peers from other companies and countries.

Specialized Courses are ideal for students at a B1 CEFR level or above and can be taken in conjunction with the Foundational Courses for a comprehensive 65-hour learning experience, or as stand-alone courses for targeted skill enhancement.

Learning Outcomes

Elective Specialization: Tailor your learning to your career needs

Flexible Learning Paths: Combine with Foundational Courses or take separately

Real-World Application: Focus on practical use in professional contexts

Cultural and workplace-Competence: Gain insights into global business etiquettes and 21st Century Skills

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