Our Approach to Language Learning

Since our founding as a language school over 30 years ago, we have always been early adopters of technology. In our early days, this even included the use of interactive video-laser discs as a teacher-support tool in the language classroom.

Today, we continue to embrace technology as a key component of our platform and language learning services. Our in-house web development team leverages the latest learning management platforms and plugins, sophisticated database management, and most recently, AI to analyze student learning and develop personalized learning programs.

While we embrace everything technology can bring to the table, ultimately, language is what makes us human, and interaction with a live professionally-trained teacher adds cultural depth, human interaction, support, and accountability, making the teacher-powered and student-centered formula the gold standard of any language program.

Language is what makes us human. As an EdTech company, we embrace technology that helps us learn but also recognize that to learn to communicate effectively in a new language, the gold standard is a qualified teacher.

Our approach is to blend teacher-powered language learning with technology in a personalized approach that accommodates learners’ preferences, goals, and budget. We also deliver relevant programs through thoughtful implementation and design that can include the implementation of language audits, assessment, and competency-based curriculum.

Our goal is to empower companies to communicate effectively across cultures.

Language training is a big investment for companies and their employees, and at Bridge, we manage and track these programs together with our customers. Our Language Performance Indicator (LPI) portal allows Learning & Development departments to monitor language proficiency gains and other key training metrics across their company and for individual employees.

We work together with our clients to build long-lasting partnerships that foster learning, success and satisfaction