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English language proficiency is essential in today’s globalized business landscape.

English is the world’s most widely spoken language, universally recognized as the dominant language in international trade, finance, diplomacy, and technology, and as the primary language of international communication.

English proficiency is therefore critical for effective communication, expanding market reach, accessing information and research, negotiations, contracts, customer service, and more.

Measuring the impact of language training is key.

It should therefore be no surprise that English Language training programs often require a significant commitment of resources by both companies and employees. Measuring the impact of that training is key. The Language Performance Indicators provide companies with valuable insights into the effectiveness of their language learning initiatives.

Which LPIs (Language Performance Indicators) should we be tracking to gauge learner success?

We understand the importance of personalized language learning experiences. Bridge LPIs offer a range of resources, including data on:

the entire language training program

each individual student

live tutoring

daily and general reports

Achieving the high levels of English proficiency many professionals aspire to is often a lifetime endeavor, one that most students recognize and embrace.
Therefore, a key component of student motivation is measuring student engagement with their classes and with their teachers.

“At Bridge, we believe in mapping student progress to internationally recognized standards, such as the CEFR and GSE.”

While measuring student proficiency improvement is perhaps the ultimate long-term goal, there are many activities that contribute to language training program success. These include:

the number of hours in training

attendance records

curriculum and personalized course content

mastery of course subject matter

“Gain detailed insights into learning within your organization. With Bridge LPIs, you can access essential data such as total hours studied, proficiency test scores, percentage of learners advancing to new levels, and more.”

Aggregated student language performance indicators provide a program-wide snapshot of performance.

Language programs must have effective tracking and measurement systems to meet employees’ and company’s needs. With Bridge HR Portal, we provide you with easily accessible metrics that support your company’s language training program guidelines and individual learner needs with clear goals, measurable outcomes, and training success metrics.

Bridge HR Portal provide valuable insights into overall company language proficiency and progress over time. This data may also be categorized by department or role in the company, whereby learners in specific areas who require English proficiency are identified.

Data is presented through meaningful visualizations as well as through excel and raw data files, allowing for further customization.

Language Performance Indicators:

Unlock Your Programs potential With Bridge Analytics.

We manage your language training program every step of the way

At Bridge, we are committed to your success. Our team provides ongoing support to ensure a seamless experience with our Language Performance Indicators. We are here to assist you every step of the way, from implementation to utilization.