About Bridge

Excellence in English Language Teaching


As the language of international business, diplomacy, science, and education, English is the world’s lingua franca. Worldwide, increased English proficiency creates opportunities, contributes to economic development, and promotes intercultural understanding. It is within this context that Bridge, a leader in English language teacher training, certification, and continuing professional development, aspires to empower a global community of English teachers and transform lives through education.

Our Mission

Transforming lives and organizations by delivering excellence in language and education abroad.

Our Purpose

To be the innovative leader in fostering effective, accessible and relevant English language teacher training worldwide.

Our Values



  • We are committed to quality and excellence in everything we do.
  • We aim to be the benchmark for our industry.
  • We don’t cut corners.
  • If it’s not “best in class” we won’t put our name on it.


  • We always strive to be fair and do the right thing.
  • We are honest and straightforward with each other and our customers.
  • We deliver on our promises.
  • We walk the talk.


  • We believe in life-long learning for ourselves and our customers.
  • We believe that knowledge and learning can open minds and transform lives.
  • We are goal-oriented in our approach to learning and sharing knowledge.


  • We believe innovation is the key to our success as an organization.
  • We value and seek to foster creativity.
  • We will leverage technology to develop and deliver the very best products and services in our field.


  • We have open and honest communication with our colleagues and customers.
  • We treat each other with respect.
  • We seek to work collaboratively and bring out the best in each other