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Grammar Advisor
  Grammar Advisor is part course, part reference guide, and part personal grammar consultant. But it’s all dedicated to answering the most common questions you’ll encounter teaching in an EFL classroom.

Grammar Advisor is a comprehensive course, yet easy to use and understand. It provides an overview of the building blocks of grammar—from words and sentences to tenses and teaching tactics. You can go through it sequentially, quiz yourself periodically, and eventually take a final exam if you want to receive your Certificate in English Grammar.

During the course, if you have further questions, need more information, or just want some clarification, you can always search through our constantly updated database of grammar answers, or direct your question to a real person with our “Ask the Grammar Advisor” feature.

  Table of Contents
  Grammar Advisor is divided into four units, which are then divided into sections and chapters. Each unit builds upon the next, so we recommend going through the whole course and then using it as a reference guide as your students encounter specific issues.

A. Basic Components:
     Morphemes & Words

  1. Morphemes
2. Words
3. Why It Matters
4. Quiz Yourself

B. Major Parts of Speech:
    Content Words
  1. Nouns
  a. Types of Nouns
b. Quiz Yourself
2. Verbs
  a. Action Verbs and
    State-of-Being Verbs
b. Main Verbs and Auxiliary Verbs
c. Verb Forms
d. Verb Suffixes
e. Why It Matters
f. Quiz Yourself
3. Adjectives
  a. Positive Degree, Comparative
    and Superlative Adjectives
b. Adjective Suffixes
c. Why It Matters
d. Quiz Yourself
4. Adverbs
  a. Uses of Adverbs
b. Adverb Questions
c. Adverb Suffixes
d. Positive Degree, Comparative
    & Superlative Adverbs
e. Quiz Yourself

C. Minor Parts of Speech:
    Function Words

  1. Pronouns
  a. Types of Pronouns
b. "Wh" Words
c. Quiz Yourself
2. Articles
  a. Types of Articles
b. Why It Matters
c. Quiz Yourself
3. Prepositions
  a. Types of Prepositions
b. Why It Matters
c. Quiz Yourself
4. Conjunctions
  a. Types of Conjunctions
b. Why It Matters
c. Quiz Yourself
A. Simple Sentences
  1. Subject + Verb
2. Subject + Predicate
3. Modal Auxiliaries
4. Why It Matters
5. Quiz Yourself

B. Building Sentences
  1. Subject + Verb+ Object
2. Transitive and Intransitive Verbs
3. Prepositional Phrases
4. Why It Matters
5. Quiz Yourself

C. Sentence Structures
  1. Review of Introduced Patterns
2. Quiz Yourself
3. Passive Voice
  a. Passive Voice
b. Quiz Yourself

D. Combining Thoughts with
     Compound and Complex Sentences

  1. Compound Sentences
  a. Compound Sentences
b. Quiz Yourself
2. Complex Sentences
  a. Adverb Clauses
b. Why It Matters
c. Quiz Yourself
d. Adjective Clauses
e. Quiz Yourself
f.  Noun Clauses
g. Why It Matters
h. Quiz Yourself


A. Overview of Tenses
  1. Tense and Time Context
2. Simple Present and Present Continuous
  a. Present Continous
b. Simple Present
c. Timelines
d. Quiz Yourself
3. Simple Past and Past Continuous
  a. Simple Past
b. Past Continuous
c. Quiz Yourself
4. The Future
  a. Forms of the Simple Future
b. Present Continuous Used as a
    Future Tense

c. Quiz Yourself
5. Perfect Tenses
  a. Present Perfect
b. Quiz Yourself
c. Present Perfect Continuous
d. Past Perfect
e. Past Perfect Continuous
f. Timelines
g. Quiz Yourself
6. More Future Tenses
  a. Future Continuous
b. Future Perfect
c. Future Perfect Continuous
d. Summary and Timelines
e. Quiz Yourself
f.  Why It Matters
7. Tenses in the Passive Voice
  a. Summary
b. Quiz Yourself
8. Verb Tenses with Modals
  a. Summary
b. Quiz Yourself

B. Tenses Outside Time
  1. Tense and Reality?
2. Conditionals
  a. First Conditional
b. Quiz Yourself
c. Second Conditional
d. Quiz Yourself
e. Third Conditional
f. Quiz Yourself
g. Why It Matters
h. Quiz Yourself
3. In the Mood
  a. Imperative
b. Quiz Yourself
c. Subjunctive
d. Quiz Yourself

A. Foundations of Grammar
    Lesson Planning

  1. Battle of Methodologies
2. Criteria for Grammar Lesson Plans
  a. Appropriate
b. Relevant
c. Progressive
d. Quantifiable
e. Enjoyable
f. Quiz Yourself

B. Grammar Lesson Planning
  1. Starting the Lesson Plan
  a. Who? When? How Long?
b. What? Why?
c. Based on What? Watching Out
    for What?

d. Using What? Improving in
    What Ways?

e. Quiz Yourself
2. Lesson Design Principles
3. Effective Structures for Activities
  a. PPP: Present, Practice,

b. Teaching Grammar from Texts,
    TTT, RCR, & RCRA

c. ACA: Authentic Use,
    Clarification, Authentic Use

C. More Ways to Work with Grammar
  1. Song
2. Games
3. Quiz Yourself

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  Teacher Comments
  “Grammar Advisor is comprehensive and covers a lot of grammar points. It has helped me build my grammar basics.”
Shahzad Alam, India
  “Grammar Advisor relates the grammar to the EFL student. There are things I would assume students would know but they often don't.”
Shelby Robbins, USA
  “I found Grammar Advisor very systematically sorted out, starting with the basics first and then going towards the more difficult.”
Christian Kemp, South Africa
  “Grammar Advisor is proving invaluable since grammar is one thing native speakers rarely think about!”
Nathaniel Henderson, USA
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