What’s a Demo Lesson for a Teaching Interview?

Most online teaching jobs require a practice-teaching demo as part of the interview process. Learn what this important step is all about and how you can prepare. We go over the needed materials, prep work, and what companies are looking for in online English teachers.

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Jhonny Online Teacher in Chile

Jhonny, Teacher in Chile, Shifting English Classes Online During the Crisis

Bridge grad, Jhonny, is one of many English teachers that have shifted to teaching English online during the coronavirus pandemic. Jhonny tells us about the benefits of teaching online for both him and his students, as well as some of the downfalls.

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Jay Teaching English Online

How to Get an Online Teaching Job

As so many around the globe feel the economic impact of coronavirus, more people than ever are seeking new ways to earn money from the safety of home. Fortunately, teaching English online provides an option to do just – even if you have no experience. Here’s how to get started.

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Mari, Digital Nomad Teaching Online

Maricela, Teaching English Online as a Digital Nomad During Coronavirus

Maricela is a Bridge grad who’s been teaching English online for three years as she travels the world. We caught up with her in her current location, Scotland, to learn about her experience as an online teacher in Europe during the global coronavirus crisis.

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Woman teaching English Online

Teaching English Online Salaries – How Much Can I Make?

As people around the globe seek work-from-home opportunities during the coronavirus crisis, teaching English online offers a flexible and accessible income source. How much can you expect to make as an online English teacher?

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Krzl, teaching English online from Chile

Do My Non-Teaching Skills Apply to Teaching English Online?

With the global health crisis affecting many people’s jobs, teaching online offers new opportunities, even for those without previous teaching experience. In fact, you may already possess the necessary skills to be hired as an online English teacher.

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Johanna, Teaching English in Japan

Bridge Grad Johanna, From Germany, Currently Teaching in Japan

Originally from Germany, Johanna, who started teaching abroad in 2010, is currently in Japan. She shares her path to TEFL, her perspective on teaching as a non-native English speaker, and the situation she’s experiencing as a teacher in Asia during the coronavirus crisis.

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An online English teacher during a class

How Teaching English Online Has Saved Me During Coronavirus

Krzl has been a classroom-based Business English teacher in Santiago, Chile for the last five years. Unfortunately, like teachers around the globe, she recently found herself out of a job, as schools shuttered due to the coronavirus pandemic. Find out how a shift to teaching English online is helping her survive – and even thrive.

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Meet Arunima, a Bridge Grad from India, Teaching in Costa Rica

Bridge Grad, Arunima, took the Bridge Master Certificate Course then went on to teach English at a Montessori school in Costa Rica. In this interview, she shares her teaching experiences and cultural insights.

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Woman wearing face mask in Asia

TEFL and the Coronavirus: What Teachers in Asia Are Saying

News first broke of a new virus in China in late January and since then, the coronavirus has made global headlines and reached pandemic status. What is the situation for EFL teachers worldwide? We asked teachers in Asia, where the virus first appeared, how COVID-19 has affected their day-to-day lives and their future plans.

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