William, Teaching Teens ESL in China

How to Teach Teens ESL

There’s a common myth about teaching ESL to teenagers: they’re more difficult to teach because they’re not interested in learning. This assumption can worry some teachers, who may picture themselves trying to manage classes of distracted young people who don’t want to be there. However, the myth is simply untrue! An experienced teacher shares teaching strategies, engagement methods, and other tips for teaching teenagers ESL.

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Stefano, English Teacher in China

From Jamaica to China: Bridge Graduate, Stefano Chin

Bridge grad, Stefano’s, advice for people thinking of teaching in China? “Do not hold back nor procrastinate. If this is something you are passionate about, like I am, then you should absolutely go for it – so you have no regrets in life. It’s a wonderful opportunity to see the world and meet new friends.”

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English Changes Lives­ – My Story and My Students’

Mexican-American teacher, Lorena, shares how English has made a difference in the direction of her own life and how her students in Mexico say English has created life-changing opportunities for them, too.

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TEFL Hiring Seasons Around the Globe

Schools abroad have peak hiring times based on the country and culture, so if you’re interested in teaching abroad, applying during these months will substantially increase your chances of getting a job. Learn about peak TEFL hiring seasons in the most popular teach abroad regions and countries around the world.

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TEFL Teacher with class

TEFL Tips for New Teachers

Are you new to teaching English as a foreign language, or thinking of getting certified? We remember being in your shoes. And while your TEFL course will teach you how to lesson plan, answer tough grammar questions, and manage students’ behavior, seasoned teachers can share other tips that will help you get off on the right foot as you teach your first classes.

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TEFL interview

6 TEFL Interview Questions & How to Answer Them

The key to acing your TEFL interview? Preparation. Learn what schools are looking for when hiring new teachers, questions that are typically asked during a TEFL interview (and how to answer them), and specific tips for preparing for your own job interview.

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Bridge Job Advisor, Maggie, on Teaching English – and Finding Love – in Brazil

Maggie Palmer is the International Admissions and Job Advisor at the BridgeTEFL headquarters in Denver, Colorado. She got TEFL certified while teaching English with the Fulbright program in Brazil. During her four years of teaching EFL in South America, Maggie was immersed in the Brazilian culture and learned Portuguese. She also met her fiancé and discovered […]

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April, Filipino English teacher in Chile

April, from the Philippines, Teaching Business English in Chile

According to April, a Filipino English teacher in Chile, “Teaching English means going out of your comfort zone.” She should know– her path started out in her small home town and led her to different cities, continents, and adventures.

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Carol, English Teacher in Cambodia

Teaching English Abroad Requirements: What Do You Really Need?

When it comes to qualifying to teach English abroad, what do you really need? There are considerations such as TEFL certification, degree, experience, and more, and requirements vary depending on where you want to teach. We’ll give you a breakdown of what’s required to teach in locations worldwide.

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ESL Teacher Using Songs

ESL Songs for Kids and Teens

Young learners and teens (and even adults!) enjoy learning English through music. A teacher in China shares his favorite ESL songs and activities to engage his students and even “trick” them into practicing new language points!

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