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American Movies About College Life: Fact or Fiction?

Is life on a U.S. university campus similar to how it’s portrayed in popular movies? Let’s take a look at some American movies that should be required viewing before you study abroad in the States, and separate fact from fiction regarding how they depict university life.

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Interview with two Bridge students at Husson University

We sat down with Prabina (Nepal) and Ardita (Albania) to learn about their experiences studying English at Husson University, what's been challenging about their time here and their advice for future students.

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How to Lead a Balanced Life as a Student in the United States

Academic life can be challenging and stressful, especially as papers, exams, and projects start to pile up. It is important to remember that when you choose to study in the USA, your university campus offers much more than just classes and homework. Take advantage of these different aspects of university life to have a well-balanced and fulfilling experience as a student studying in the United States.

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Visas 101: Bridge Experts Answer Your Questions About Studying in the USA

We receive a lot of questions about visas from students who plan to study at a university in the United States. We have collected a list of our most popular questions and answers to serve as a reference for future students! Read on to find out what you need to know about visas.

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Jumpstart Your Career with an Internship at Manhattanville

Are you looking for a real-world work experience? Internships are a great way to build professional connections while you’re still a student. The real-world experience of an internship also allows you to test drive your major or career of choice before you make a serious commitment.

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Study Engineering in the U.S. with BridgePathways

Do you want to design and create things that will make the world a better place? The United States is a world leader in educating today’s best engineers. Read on to discover more about studying engineering with BridgePathways university partners.

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How to Choose an MBA Program in the USA

Earning an MBA in the United States can give you a competitive edge in global business and help you to understand and navigate American business culture. BridgePathways partners offer a diverse array of MBA programs that suit a variety of goals and needs. Read on to find the best MBA program for you in the United States.

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Surviving Winter in the Northern U.S.

Experiencing a new country and culture when you study abroad is exhilarating—there are so many new things to see and do! One of those new experiences might even be the weather. For students from countries with temperate climates who attend university in Northeastern States like New York, Philadelphia or Maine, or the Midwest States like Nebraska or Colorado, dealing with snow, ice and blizzards during winter can be quite an adjustment! Here are your tips for surviving winter in the Northern U.S.

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Bridge Opens in New York and Massachusetts

​Following the opening of BridgePathways at Husson University in October 2015, two new locations will open in January 2016: BridgePathways at Manhattanville College and BridgePathways at Western New England University. These two new locations bring the total number of Bridge locations in the U.S. to seven.

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Earn University Credit with a Short Term Certificate from Husson University

​ Are you looking for a short-term opportunity to study abroad in the USA? Consider enrolling in a certificate program at the Husson University College of Business. A short-term certificate is a great way to test the waters of a specific area while jump-starting your career and earning credit towards a degree.

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