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Local Newspaper Features BridgePathways at Colorado Mesa University Student

Local Newspaper Features BridgePathways at Colorado Mesa University Student  
Last fall, BridgePathways opened its doors at Colorado Mesa University to help international students who dream of studying at a U.S. university improve their English, experience life on an American university campus and take the next steps in their academic careers. The newest student at this location, Makoto Watanabe, recently gained attention from one of Grand Junction’s local newspapers,The Daily Sentinel.
Although he is a native of Japan, Watanabe attended high school in the United States, where his reading and writing in English excelled. Near the end of his first semester at Colorado Mesa University, Watanabe concluded that to pursue his major in athletic training, he would have to further perfect his English. It was then that he decided to enroll in our intensive English program on CMU’s campus, where he would have the chance to build his conversational English skills among other students in similar positions. While Watanabe planned the necessary steps towards his professional success, word spread about this exceptional student and his story stuck out to the local newspaper, The Grand Junction Sentinel. Watanabe and his academic advisor, Jim Whitmore, elaborated on the history of BridgePathways at Colorado Mesa University and gave insight as to how this particular student’s experience, along with his new English skills, will sculpt his future. BridgePathways classes are designed to develop essential English skills, centered around the students and their university experience. Additionally, students have the opportunity to apply the skills they work on in the classroom in order to prepare them for their future. Throughout their program with Bridge, students are able to live on-campus and integrate into the larger university community, which simultaneously adds to the diversity of the Grand Junction community.
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