1. Capabilities

Agent Management

Bridge has a long history of working with education agencies, starting back in the early 90s when agents were mostly promoting language-training courses. Over the past 2 – 3 decades, Bridge has established and fostered long lasting, trusting relationships with a worldwide network of thousands of in-country recruitment partners. Although the product in demand has shifted from language courses to higher education degrees over the past 5 – 8 years, recruitment success still requires the same high level of relationship nurturing through channel partners today as it did 30 years ago.

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International Marketing

Bridge specializes in localizing your marketing collateral so that it is culturally relevant, a process that leverages the expertise of BridgeLanguages, our world languages translation division. We are also experts in digital marketing, employing the latest in marketing automation software to deliver targeted, multi-channel campaigns. Our reach is global and includes delivery in China, where implementation occurs behind the “great firewall.”

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Research & Market Intelligence

Bridge is an active player in our industry with a global reach. We take great pride in keeping our finger on the pulse of international higher education via our front-line presence. We also deliver comprehensive, professional research on topics relevant to international education.

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U.S. Higher Education Roadshows

Limited to only 12 institutions, Bridge hosts these unique networking events in countries worldwide with the goal of bringing together higher education, government, and corporate sectors in order to develop mutually beneficial and long-lasting partnerships that promote student mobility. Participating universities gain insight into how to leverage government-sponsored scholarship programs, participate in faculty exchange and joint research, work with local agents, and identify which programs are in demand in specific regional markets.

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Intensive English Programs

With over 30 years of language school management, Bridge is the qualified and experienced partner to assist with your university’s intensive English program needs. Bridge can set up an intensive English program on your campus or assist with growing and developing your existing IEP. This may include: 

  1. Assistance with accreditation standards
  2. Developing and recommending new programs for specific market segments, including Business English, General English or English Plus programs
  3. Developing and managing agency relationships
  4. Assistance in identifying and applying for government scholarship programs
  5. Curriculum development and updating
  6. Delivering and developing TESOL and TEFL training programs
  7. Operations, management and budget consulting
  8. Sales and marketing

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