Bridge Team Strengthens with Enneagram Workshop by Awareness to Action

May 7, 2024

At Bridge Education Group, teamwork is one of our core pillars. We know that building and maintaining effective teams can be challenging, but we embrace this ongoing journey with enthusiasm. Recently, a group of Bridge managers from our Buenos Aires and Santiago offices came together to participate in an innovative Enneagram workshop delivered by the consulting firm Awareness to Action. 

The Enneagram is a model of human personality that describes nine distinct types or styles, each with its own motivations, strengths, and areas for growth. During the workshop, our team learned about the two key principles of the model: Instinctual Leadership, which refers to where each person instinctively focuses their attention, and the Nine Adaptive Strategies, which are the ways each personality style solves problems and adapts to the environment. 

But beyond individual self-awareness, the true power of the Enneagram is revealed when applied to teamwork. Understanding different personality styles can greatly enhance communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution. For example, a “Challenger” leader (type 8) can learn to adapt their direct communication style to work better with an “Individualist” colleague (type 4) who values sensitivity. Or, a team can intentionally seek out the perspective of a “Loyalist” member (type 6) to anticipate problems and plan solutions. 

Participants appreciated the experience and the insights they gained.

“The workshop gave me a new perspective, not just with regards to myself, but in terms of how I can work better with my colleagues,”

said Ayelén Garaventta, Director of Product Delivery and UX at Bridge.

Carolina Guerrero, Bridge’s Finance and Administration Manager, added, “This knowledge will help me to be a better leader and to adapt my approach to the needs of each member of my team.” 

At Bridge, we firmly believe in continuous investment in the development of our people and our teams. Transformative experiences like the Enneagram workshop are key to continuing to grow and strengthen the teams that work every day to bring quality education to students worldwide. 

The team members are dialoguing and working together for the Enneagram workshop.


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