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Global Teachers, an International Perspective on English Training

Companies understand that English speakers communicate across cultures, fostering cross-cultural understanding, empathy, and adaptability, all of which are crucial to working in multicultural environments and engaging with global partners.

An English language training program that exposes learners to different cultural perspectives and ways of thinking helps them develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of different cultures.

At Bridge, we employ, train, and certify “Global English Teachers,” that hail from over 40 countries. These highly qualified culture coaches not only improve the English proficiency of executives in training programs, but also foster intercultural communications that are the bedrock of global interactions in English today. At Bridge, English is taught in the context of real-world applications, and this often means English is spoken between non-native speakers.

Global English Teachers

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Global Teachers and Global
Competencies for a Global Language

At Bridge, English training focuses on developing specific language competencies and integrated skills.

Our multi-cultural, global teachers deliver customized curriculum designed for individual needs, goals, and learning styles that emphasizes the practical application of language skills in real-life contexts. These competencies include:

giving presentations

participating in meetings

writing emails

engaging in social interactions

We also use authentic materials and tasks that reflect real-life usage of English. Bridge learners engage in activities and assignments that require them to apply the target language skills in meaningful contexts that reflect real-world language use.

Multi-cultural Global Teachers deliver authentic course materials in real-life contexts.

Our team of global teachers are all certified and apply personalized instructional methods and materials via online delivery.

We offer teachers over 40 different credentials, including:

Teacher Training and Certification

Boost your teaching credentials with Bridge—where career growth meets industry-leading TEFL/TESOL certification.

Today, English is the world’s language, our global language of communication.

English is the world’s most spoken language and is widely recognized as the dominant language in international trade, finance, diplomacy, and technology, and the primary language of international communication.

Although English has historically been associated with the British Empire and the emergence of the United States as a global economic and political power, it is now widely acknowledged as a neutral language that allows our global community to interact and collaborate effectively.

English as Lingua Franca:

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Language Training Programs

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