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Conversation CoPilot

Your Personal AI-Powered English Speaking Coach!

Conversation CoPilot is a game-changer for language learners who want to improve their English-speaking skills and build confidence.

Through AI voice technology, personalized feedback, interactive exercises, and real-life conversational scenarios, Conversation CoPilot empowers users to achieve mastery in speaking confidently.

AI-powered voice technology provides unlimited speaking practice opportunities, offering real-time feedback with over 400 business and general English lessons to choose from.

Convenient & Easy

Lessons are only 2 to 7 minutes long.

Speak & Listen

Learners can immerse themselves by speaking to their device and comparing their pronunciation.

Real Conversations

Learn to hear and use real expressions that native speakers often use in conversations.

Learning Pathways

Follow structured learning tracks designed to help learners reach the next step in their English-speaking improvement journey.

Conversation CoPilot, part of our Specialized Courses, helps learners achieve conversational fluency and build speaking confidence by providing a comfortable, self-paced learning environment. With instant AI-powered feedback, learners can improve their English speaking skills while mastering everyday expressions and extending their practice beyond the classroom.

The platform offers dynamic learning content, unlimited speaking practice with real-world conversations, and a safe space for making mistakes.

Learners can:

Achieve conversational fluency and build their speaking confidence

Sound natural by mastering everyday expressions

Practice by themselves, at their own pace

Improve with instant AI-powered feedback

Extend speaking practice beyond the classroom

Supercharge employee English-speaking confidence with Conversation CoPilot

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