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Dive into the latest videos dedicated to teaching English in the corporate world. With English as the world’s most prominent language in business, it’s no surprise that teaching English for professionals is one of the top niches in the ELT industry. Keep growing professionally, and master techniques unique to Business English classrooms.

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    The First Step to Success: Needs Assessments for Business English Students

    Conducting a needs assessment with new students – asking about their motivation for studying English, past learning experiences, and current learning goals – is a vital starting point for all English teachers. This is especially true in Business English, where you’ll often assess not only the student’s goals but also the goals of the company sponsoring that student. As a Business English teacher, how can you conduct a needs assessment that takes the student and the employer’s expectations into account? After the course, how do you report on the student’s success, and to whom?

    To prepare for this webinar check out this related Bridge blog post: The Essentials of Teaching Business English Online and In Person ( and What Is a Needs Assessment for Teaching English? ( or download this free Bridge eBook: Teaching English to Adults (

    If you’re a current or future teacher looking to expand your skills into the Business English niche, you can learn more about conducting needs assessments and other essential ESL instructional methods in the Bridge Specialized Certificate in Teaching Business English ( To further specialize your skills, the Bridge Teaching IELTS Exam Prep Micro-credential course ( offers targeted skills in a high-demand subfield of teaching adults.

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    Teaching Business English in the Ever-Changing 21st Century

    Do you have the skills and traits it takes to teach English to adult professionals in the business world? Like the industry itself, the field of teaching Business English evolves over time, and as an EFL teacher in this niche, you need to stay current as well.

    Join Bridge and experts from the ELT sector to learn what it takes to teach Business English in the 21st century. We’ll break down how much background you should have in business, how deeply you need to understand your niche, what trends and technologies you need to stay on top of, and what employers and students really seek from a Business English teacher.

  • Learning paths: 21st-Century Teaching and Business English.

    Preparing Business English Students for Career Success: How to Develop 21st Century Skills

    As a business English instructor, you’re not only teaching the English language–you’re also preparing your students for success in their careers and helping them become more employable. As the world of work changes, it’s critical for you to evolve to prepare your business English students to thrive in the 21st century workplace. What are the current skills your students need and how can you help them develop these skills? Join us for this webinar, where our expert speakers will discuss what employability means and what employers are seeking from professionals. We’ll also share how you can foster universal skills such as innovation, critical thinking and communication in your classroom, and the impact it can have on your learners throughout their careers.

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    Innovative Approaches: Harnessing AI for Pronunciation, Communication, and Learner Confidence

    AI isn’t just a tool for lesson planning! Join us to learn about the ways AI tools can support English pronunciation teaching and provide extended learning for your students. From language apps to speech analysis tools, you’ll find creative, insightful ways to improve your student’s English language pronunciation skills. Whether you’re teaching adults or children, in person or online, leveraging these technologies is a great way to make learning fun and easy.

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    Developing Teamwork and Social Skills in the Business English Classroom

    21st century skills are 85% of the required skills for employability. Two of the most common “soft skills” necessary for employment—collaboration and social skills—are essential to cover in the Business English classroom. Whether it’s collaborating with customers on a project outcome, working with colleagues in a team meeting, or simply networking and building rapport, these are essential skills you can help your students develop. Join us to learn how to incorporate these 21st skills in your lessons and give your students the edge they need in their careers.

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    Creating Relevant and Authentic Cultural Experiences for Your Business English Students

    English is the language of choice for many professionals in the business world. What are the implications for teachers of Global English, the “lingua franca” of the world? What kinds of additional instruction and support do professionals using English need to succeed in an international setting?
    Join Bridge’s Expert panel to learn why showcasing Global English is important in your business English classes, and discuss practical suggestions to effectively integrate accents, cultures, and business terminology with your clients. Whether or not English is your first language, as a teacher it is critical to understand how to appropriately leverage global diversity to expose learners to the wide range of the English language, and how to help prepare Business English students to thrive while communicating with speakers from all over the world.

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    Business English Solutions: Combining Teacher-Powered and App-Based Learning

    From simple skills practice such as vocabulary flashcards to collaborative study and problem-solving, we look at how language apps are being used in teacher-led Business English courses to improve learner outcomes and build the skills students need in today’s global businesses. Our expert panel will explore the strategic ways language app resources can be used in Business English courses. Join us to learn more about how Business English courses are combining teacher-powered learning with language app technologies to maximize students’ learning potential.