Teaching Business English in the Ever-Changing 21st Century

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Do you have the skills and traits it takes to teach English to adult professionals in the business world? Like the industry itself, the field of teaching Business English evolves over time, and as an EFL teacher in this niche, you need to stay current as well.

Join Bridge and experts from the ELT sector to learn what it takes to teach Business English in the 21st century. We’ll break down how much background you should have in business, how deeply you need to understand your niche, what trends and technologies you need to stay on top of, and what employers and students really seek from a Business English teacher.


Karin Heuert Galvão
Karin Heuert Galvão is the Founder and CEO of i-Study Interactive Learning, a language school and training center based in São Paulo, Brazil, and has been working in ELT for 22 years. She holds the CPE and CELTA certificates, a degree in Languages, a background in Law, as well as a PhD in Distance Learning and Educational Technology. She also works closely with the International Leadership Programs as a Corporate Trainer and Behavior Analyst. Karin is currently working with European and American multinational corporations developing their language strategies for their Latin America branches and assessing candidates for relocating purposes.
Gabrielle Mare'
Gabrielle Mare' is a certified ESL teacher in South Africa, who earned a bachelor's degree in Psychology and completed 16-hour TEFL, the 150-hour IDELTOnline, and 20-hour Teaching IELTS Exam Prep Micro-credential through Bridge. She's been teaching online for over two years, working with two different companies.

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