Creating Relevant and Authentic Cultural Experiences for Your Business English Students

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English is the language of choice for many professionals in the business world. What are the implications for teachers of Global English, the “lingua franca” of the world? What kinds of additional instruction and support do professionals using English need to succeed in an international setting?
Join Bridge’s Expert panel to learn why showcasing Global English is important in your business English classes, and discuss practical suggestions to effectively integrate accents, cultures, and business terminology with your clients. Whether or not English is your first language, as a teacher it is critical to understand how to appropriately leverage global diversity to expose learners to the wide range of the English language, and how to help prepare Business English students to thrive while communicating with speakers from all over the world.


Vera Baranovskay
Vera Baranovskay is a certified TEFL teacher with more than six years of Business English teaching experience in various countries and international companies. Over the past 18 months, Vera has been traveling around South and Central America while working as a corporate teacher for Southbridge insurance company. Theory and practice of intercultural communications BA help this digital nomad to find a personal approach to each student.
Lottie Galpin
Lottie Galpin is an DEI / ELT Editor, Writer, and Consultant who specializes in inclusive materials. Before entering the world of publishing, Lottie spent 12 years teaching in Taiwan, China, Spain, the UK and Austria. She worked as a Business English teacher for five years and has written Business English teaching materials.

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