The First Step to Success: Needs Assessments for Business English Students

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Conducting a needs assessment with new students – asking about their motivation for studying English, past learning experiences, and current learning goals – is a vital starting point for all English teachers. This is especially true in Business English, where you’ll often assess not only the student’s goals but also the goals of the company sponsoring that student. As a Business English teacher, how can you conduct a needs assessment that takes the student and the employer’s expectations into account? After the course, how do you report on the student’s success, and to whom?

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If you’re a current or future teacher looking to expand your skills into the Business English niche, you can learn more about conducting needs assessments and other essential ESL instructional methods in the Bridge Specialized Certificate in Teaching Business English (https://bridge.edu/tefl/courses/specialized/teaching-business-english). To further specialize your skills, the Bridge Teaching IELTS Exam Prep Micro-credential course (https://bridge.edu/tefl/courses/micro/teaching-ielts-exam-prep) offers targeted skills in a high-demand subfield of teaching adults.


Camila Capponi
Camila Capponi is the human resources manager for Chile and the Americas with NTT, a global technologies service provider. She has a B.D. in Psychology and more than nine years of experience in human resources. She studied a business administration certification at the University of California, San Diego and most of her experience has been dedicated to developing HR teams and policies in relation to gender equity, diversity and inclusion, career development and training.
Natalia Bustos
Natalia Bustos is Director of Marketing, Sales and Customer Service for BridgeEnglish Latin America. She is an experienced English language teacher and has a degree in public relations. Most of her professional career has been focused on improving the language-learning experience for adult professionals at BridgeEnglish and supporting and guiding companies in the development and delivery of language training plans for employees.
Vesela Koeva
Vesela Koeva is a certified EFL instructor at BridgeEnglish Chile who is passionate about innovative methods in education and language teaching. For the past two years, she has been focused on teaching Business English to corporate professionals and executives in South America. She is also working as a corporate teacher at a multinational IT company. She received an MA in Translation and Editing in Bulgaria, and she also studied at Charles University in Prague, where she developed an interest in multilingualism and language management.

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