Developing Teamwork and Social Skills in the Business English Classroom

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21st century skills are 85% of the required skills for employability. Two of the most common “soft skills” necessary for employment—collaboration and social skills—are essential to cover in the Business English classroom. Whether it’s collaborating with customers on a project outcome, working with colleagues in a team meeting, or simply networking and building rapport, these are essential skills you can help your students develop. Join us to learn how to incorporate these 21st skills in your lessons and give your students the edge they need in their careers.


Andreea-Katia Nechifor
Andreea-Katia Nechifor is a business English trainer based in Iasi, Romania. Andreea has always been interested in both business and languages, interests which have shaped her academic and career path. She graduated from the Faculty of Letters and the Faculty of Economy and Business Administration and did a MA in marketing. In 2009 she founded Lektor, a private language school which she has been running ever since.
Ruth Nabaasa
Ruth Nabaasa has been an English Language teacher for over 9 years. She has a passion for helping learners communicate fluently in English and has worked with learners of different ages and nationalities including Ugandans, Chinese, Koreans, Chileans, Venezuelans, Brazilians and Ukrainians. Ruth did the Bridge IDELTOnline in 2015, and later, the specialized Teaching Business English Certificate in 2016. She has been working online as an online Business English Instructor with BridgeEnglish based in Latin America.

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