Nune Sakapetoyan, English Teacher

From Armenia

With her background as a swimming coach at top-ranking universities in the Middle East, Nune has been a trainer for decades. Another career as an International Relations Specialist for the Ministry of Finance in Armenia provided experience in negotiations and the preparation of international agreements in Russian and English. Today, Nune’s Business English students benefit from her decades of professional experience and knowledge.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Nouneh and I am Armenian. Born in Armenia, I spent 23 years (1987-2010) in Lebanon and gained fascinating experience of living and working in a multicultural Lebanese society. I fluently speak English, Russian, and Armenian, but also Arabic and French at the B2 level.

How did you become an English language teacher?

I started my career as a swimming coach, possessing MS in Education & Sports. I have been coaching at top-ranking universities in the Middle East, such as the AUB, the LAU, and Haigazian University. I have also represented the Lebanese-Armenian community as an Executive Board member and a public servant at Sports City after R. Hariri.

Back then, I never dreamed of becoming an English teacher; my dream was bigger – being able to read Shakespeare in its original form. I started my journey by tutoring my own kids after school. But when in 2010, I returned back to Armenia, I realized that I need to upgrade my professional skills. So, knowledge of the English language was very handy. But again, it still wasn’t about teaching.

In 2011 I applied to AUA for Political Science and International Affairs department. After graduating from AUA in 2014 with my second Master’s degree, I successfully started my career at the Ministry of Finance, working as an International Relations Specialist.

There, I negotiated & prepared some international agreements (loans and grants) in Russian and English between foreign states or international organizations and the Government of the Republic of Armenia for signing, as well as international contracts and other documents. Throughout 2014 -2017, I participated in some professional courses, including Human Resources, Public Relations, and Practical Project Management Fundamentals course. But soon after, I realized that this job was not meant for me.

I always loved working with people, kids, and adults, so decided to go back to teaching … but not swimming.

How did you prepare to teach?

In order to become an English Language tutor, I first, passed TKT (Teaching Knowledge Tests) 1, 2, and 3 Modules. I kept upgrading my professional skills through the Inside IELTS Cambridge English Language Assessment, Teaching English to Young Learners, and earned a certificate in 120-hour Premier TEFL. Finally, I went through the 100% online CELTA. Moreover, just recently I complete the Bridge 60-hour Teaching Business English Specialized Certificate.

How long have you been teaching with Bridge?

I became part of Bridge in April 2023. The greatest outcome has been communicating with the Chileans, I discovered a new and nice world of extremely friendly people. I love my involvement in their development, I am happy to be able to pass them all my experience and knowledge.