Bridge Forms Partnership with Crown College to Create Pathway Program

Bridge has partnered with Crown College to offer new Pathway Programs, in which affordable Bridge TEFL/TESOL courses can be taken for college credit that applies toward a Crown College associate degree or graduate certificate in Teaching English as Foreign Language as well as various master’s degree programs. This new partnership aligns with Bridge’s mission to empower English language professionals worldwide.

About Crown College

Crown College is a Christian university based in Minnesota. It offers 40 accredited degree options through on-campus and online programs. There are undergraduate and graduate paths – both of which integrate a Christian worldview into every class.

Crown combines a quality, Christ-centered education with top-notch facilities and technology. It aims to prepare future leaders for lives filled with impact and service.

A Partnership, an Opportunity

Bridge is continually seeking ways to help organizations prepare teachers and support their professional development. Crown College was looking to offer its students high-quality yet affordable TEFL/TESOL training that could potentially integrate into their graduate certificate and degree programs.

Bridge's wide array of courses was a good fit for Crown and a partnership was formed. Now prospective English teachers can earn valuable English teaching certifications from Bridge that qualify them to teach English as a foreign language, while at the same time earning college credit that can potentially be applied toward Crown degree programs.

The Pathway Programs

Students can engage in these programs to accelerate their path toward a degree. Each Pathway has two components: Bridge TEFL/TESOL courses and Crown College courses.

According to the level of study chosen, there are different Pathway tracks students can take. These range from Crown College graduate certificates to degrees, including:

The list of Bridge courses included in each Pathway varies by program; however, all pathways include:

Teaching English as a Christian Service

As a Christian college, Crown contributed their expertise for the Micro-credential in Teaching English as a Christian Service, which offers TEFL/TESOL training for faith-based, service-minded teachers. This unique, 20-hour certificate aims to teach practical skills to those who plan to teach English as missionaries, such as how to adapt to their host communities in culturally appropriate ways.

The course author is Crown College professor Dr. Alexander Zell, who holds a Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies from Trinity International University and an International Diploma in English Language Teaching (IDELTOnline) from Bridge.

Benefits of the Pathway Programs for Teachers

For a prospective English teacher, a Pathway Program is a step towards university study. The time and cost saved provide huge benefits without sacrificing quality education.

  • Affordable Bridge TEFL/TESOL courses are taken as the first step in the Pathway before officially beginning university, so students can save money on their certificate or degree program.

  • College credits earned through Bridge Pathway courses count toward students' specific degree programs once accepted to Crown, accelerating the pace of their education.

  • Pathway students earn accredited TEFL/TESOL certification that qualifies them to teach English worldwide or online.

  • Pathway students receive discounted tuition from Crown during their degree program, if accepted.

Bridge continually strives to offer top-quality training for English language professionals taking the next steps in their careers. This new partnership with Crown College has led to a Pathway Program that supports Bridge’s mission to empower a global community of English teachers. In the future, Bridge hopes to continue adding more university partnerships and affiliations.