Bridge and Ellii Partner to Expand English Language Teacher Training and Resources

Bridge Education Group has joined forces with Ellii, a Canadian company that publishes English content for teachers. Through this new partnership, Bridge and Ellii will be able to provide their audiences with collaborative materials that support their mutual goal of empowering English language professionals.

About Ellii

Ellii, formerly known as ESL Library, was founded in 2002 as a supplementary resource site for English teachers. Today, Ellii is used in more than 10,000 schools around the world, including K-12 and Adult Ed schools, private language schools, post-secondary institutions, and online tutoring platforms.

Just like Bridge, Ellii empowers English language teachers with high-quality content and interactive courseware. Both understand the importance of career development opportunities and world-class lesson plan material.

“Bridge’s growing portfolio of affordable, accessible, accredited TEFL certification programs for career advancement and lifelong learning is a great complement to Ellii’s platform. We provide a simple, effective, and engaging platform for teachers to focus on what they do best: teach,” says Ellii’s Director of Digital Marketing, Marissa Norton.

Ellii provides a comprehensive library of ready-made digital and printable lesson plans, as well as flashcards and videos in a wide array of topics and levels. Their materials are available in both print and digital formats.

About Bridge Education Group

Bridge Education Group was founded in 1986 and has become a world leader in the field of English Language Teaching (ELT). It is dedicated to providing innovative products and services.

Bridge’s mission is to empower global English language teachers through affordable, accessible, and accredited online TEFL certification and professional development opportunities. Following the success of its initial courses, Bridge began to continually expand its portfolio of diverse topics related to teaching English online and in person.

“As a leader in English language teacher training with a community of over 80,000 teachers worldwide, Bridge knows how valuable quality lesson plan content for teachers is. We look forward to being able to provide more insights into Ellii and their content for our audience,” says Ian Wright, Director of BridgeUniverse, the media, research, and news arm of Bridge Education Group.

Working Together to Support Teachers

The relationship between Bridge and Ellii consists of sharing each other's resources, tools, and services to their respective communities. Both ELT organizations expect to help teachers, administrators, and educational entrepreneurs excel in their careers, schools, and businesses.

This partnership includes:

• Sharing relevant articles and resources via respective blogs, newsletters, etc.
• Creating social media content to educate, entertain, and inform each community
• Promoting webinars and other events on respective channels
• Creating exclusive offers for each other’s communities

“In our partnership with Ellii, we will be able to provide our audience with unique access to some of Ellii’s best lesson plan materials and content. In addition, we’ll be participating in each other’s online learning events to better share knowledge and expertise,” says Wright.

“Ellii members will also receive an exclusive discount to Bridge TEFL/TESOL certification programs.”

A Partnership to Expand ELT Resources

Ellii and Bridge hope that, through working together, they can bring fresh ideas and new material to each other’s audiences. Whether an Ellii subscriber is looking for career advancement courses or a Bridge client is in need of an all-in-one teaching platform, this partnership can provide teachers with go-to resources for all things ELT.

“Pairing professional development with our technology is a win-win for teachers,” explains Norton.

“We offer different perspectives and expertise that we’ve shared during special events, like webinars on the Bridge site as well as our virtual conference, ElliiCon. Knowledge exchange is incredibly important in our industry, and we’re happy to have a partner like Bridge to collaborate and grow with.”

“By joining forces with Ellii, Bridge expands its reach and supports English language educators by providing high-quality training and certification, like the Bridge 120-Hour Master TEFL/TESOL Certificate, which equips trainees with the foundations of English teaching methodology and an internationally accepted certification,” adds Wright.

By expanding awareness to each other’s growing audiences of teachers, across a variety of levels and subject areas, Bridge hopes to introduce its 30+ courses and BridgeUniverse resources to an increasingly diverse and dynamic group of teachers. In return, Bridge looks forward to introducing Ellii to its audience to continue sharing their lesson plan materials, which support teachers in bringing up modern and important topics, such as artificial intelligence (AI), space exploration, and current world affairs.

Visit or for more information on the partnership and access to a growing network of ELT resources for teachers.